May 18, 2020
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Radical collapse of the exchange rate: experts gave an unexpected forecast before the end of the year

Hryvnia will continue to grow, analysts say / Reuters

A moderate depreciation of the dollar against the hryvnia is expected in the coming week. The dollar on the interbank market can be traded in a week at 25, 5 - 26, 6 UAH, and cash dollar in banks - 25, 5 - 26, UAH 8, said Alpari’s senior analyst at the company Vadim Iosub.

As the head of the analytics department specified Forex Club company Andrey Shevchishin, the market remains low activity and liquidity, the Facts write.

"The situation remains difficult and as the country leaves quarantine pressure on the exchange rate will increase, and in the near future the hryvnia may still strengthen - up to the mark 26, 6 UAH per dollar, "he said.

In turn, analyst of UNIVER Investment Group Mikhail Fedorov did not excludes that in the near future the hryvnia exchange rate will be able to strengthen to the mark 24 UAH per dollar.

Read also "Further will be more expensive": the dollar is preparing for a new leap - expert "Further, the dynamics of the hryvnia exchange rate can repeat the one that was in 2019 when the national currency strengthened with 28 UAH per dollar in January 1200 years before 23, 2 UAH per dollar in December 1200 of the year.

Level 24 hryvnia per dollar - this is the goal in the future for a couple of months. After the hryvnia, it is likely to continue its growth. And I believe that in a conservative version, by the end of the year, the rate may reach the mark 24 UAH per dollar. In the basic version, the hryvnia will reach the level of 03 UAH per dollar, and in the optimistic version, by the end of the year the rate will be 21 UAH per dollar, "- said Fedorov.

He didn’t exclude that the hryvnia could become so drastically strengthened due to the fact that the budget deficit this year will be largely financed by external borrowing, and for the balance of payments, these borrowings will be a net capital inflow.

Recall, earlier, experts talked about the panic demand for the currency and predicted the dollar in May.

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