Apr 27, 2022
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Radar detector: device selection criteria

Radar detector: device selection criteriaradar detector

A radar detector is a special device that helps not only avoid fines, but also significantly reduce the number of accidents on the roads. Details about the device can be found here Very often, tired drivers in bad weather simply do not notice the speed limit signs, and a high-quality device will notify you when approaching photo cameras or radar systems.

Sometimes drivers notice the cameras too late and suddenly start to slow down, which is also unsafe. Such behavior can also provoke an emergency. A good detector detects cameras and radar systems in advance, so the driver can slow down in advance. Thus, the car owner does not receive fines and at the same time does not create emergency situations.

Radar detector in the online store of St. Petersburg

What to look for when choosing a radar detector:

  • Power type. Manufacturers produce two types of models that are powered by a cigarette lighter or on-board network. Models of the first group are quite convenient and practical. To work, you need to install the plug of the device into the cigarette lighter socket. If necessary, the device can always be turned off and temporarily hidden in the glove compartment. There is only one drawback – during the operation of the detector, the cable will always be in front of the driver’s eyes. If a model with onboard power type is selected, the wires will be hidden during the installation phase. But in this case, it is better to entrust the connection and disconnection to an auto electrician.
  • Types of radars. It is worth immediately considering that there are no universal devices. Several dozens of monitoring devices have been installed in the Russian Federation: Avtodoria, Krechet, Cordon, Strelka and many others. Before buying a detector, check that the list of complexes and cameras to be determined includes those models that you most often encounter.
  • laser radiation. Mobile police radars are aimed at determining the movement of vehicles on the reflected laser beam. Models with a laser beam detector can determine the effect of the laser on your machine. But this does not always make it possible to avoid a large fine. Sometimes the device will notify the user when the vehicle has already been photographed.
  • Range support. Although police radar systems operate in different frequency ranges, K is considered the most common. When choosing a detector, give preference to those devices that can recognize the maximum number of frequencies.
  • GPS module. This element is necessary to determine the coordinates of the location of the vehicle. The driver will be able to load the coordinate base of various stationary police radars and cameras into the device’s memory.

To buy a car radar detector in St. Petersburg, it is not necessary to go to the car market. You can pick up a device in the catalog of a specialized online store.

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