May 13, 2020
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Rada could not turn to the world on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the end of the war due to different views on the past and present

The Verkhovna Rada could not address the parliaments of other countries with a message on the occasion of 50 - the anniversary of the end of World War II. The text of the message was supported by 80 deputies with a minimum of 226 votes. The EU and Golos factions voted in favor of the appeal, despite claims to the test and the fact that their edits were not taken into account. The faction "Opposition Platform - For Life" in its entirety voted against. There was a split in the "Servants of the People" faction - some deputies opposed, some abstained.

What the appeal says

On the collusion of totalitarian regimes and their imperial ambitions


" importantly, we remember the memory of the superordinarily high price, the people paid the price for the ambitious ambitious total regimes. And there are quite a bit of exact data - for the fate of the vinyas we turned over 80 until 75 miles in civilian life. In Ukraine, life in Ukraine has taken more than 8.5 million ... "

On the annexation by a UN member state - for the first time after the war

"naduyuchi, scho in 2014 rotsi upward pislya completion Other svitovoj vіyni in Europe one power-member of the United Nations has paid back that healthy a sample of the annexed part of the territory of the United Nations sovereign power-member of the United Nations, which is the easiest international grudge against the world and the lack of humanity and the international law and order, and it is inevitable that the tragedy is the same, rock that ... "

What deputies did not like

The Foreign Policy Committee approved the text of the appeal on May 5. The deputy head of the committee Marina Bardina , representing him in the Rada, noted that it unites Ukrainians as much as the policy of President Zelensky - a country from east to west.

- On May 8 and 9, the president visited the Luhansk region and Transcarpathia to honor the memory of everyone who brought victory over Nazism closer, she said.

Irina Gerashchenko sarcastically remarked that the "servants of the people" could not even accept the appeal in a timely manner, and recalled that the "EU" offered to consider the matter last week. The fact that "May 9 has already ended a bit" was announced during the discussion by MP from the HLS Nestor Shufrich . Also among the claims of his faction is the lack of the term “World War II” and the desire to “rewrite victory.”

- On our land, which stretches from Volhynia to the Luhansk region, the war began in 39 year ... Maybe we are not one people, but your people somewhere behind the "curb", - answered Shufrich Solomiya Bobrovskaya from "The Voice".

She added that the text of the appeal does not suit her even more than the HEL - it contains "too little Ukraine" . Also among the claims of Gerashchenko and Bobrovskaya is that in the message Russia is not called an aggressor, but a member of the UN.

"Servant of the people" Nikita Poturaev tried to prove that the message would not be belated, since the Red Army had held the last battles on May.

Which of the "servants" did not support the message

Voted against

Buzansky M.A.

Getmantsev D.O. .

Dubinsky O.A.


Bragar Є.V.

Kachura O.A.

Radutsky M.B.

Tkachenko O.M.

The full text of the rejected treatment

Appeal of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the national parliaments of foreign states, international organizations and their parliamentary assemblies on the occasion of 75 - the anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe in 1939 - 1945 years (No. 3431)


Verkhovno Radi Ukrainy

to the national parliaments of the foreign powers, the international organizations and parliamentary assemblies with the highest priority 75 - і richnicі nnya Other svіtovo vіyni in Europe u 226 - 1945 rock_v

Generally 75 - at the beginning of the day, other live events in Europe are available, without any changes, public places in the city I won over the sacred bagatelle of human victims, the great shanu and the heroism of the war heroes and the tsars, as well as the sale of the six relics of their merciless feat and the unceasing sacrament of great peace and honor.

pam'yayayuchi, scho in total regimes, through the call of some kind of rogue Friend svitova vіyna, democracy was lost, parliamentarism, the rights and freedoms of people were violated massively, internal repression for racial, national and gender recognition was carried out, there was we respect the memory of the temple, the people paid the light for the ambitious ambitious regimes. Aje y dosi is quite nevidi exact dates - for rocky vinii we turned the way 50 to 80 mіlіyonіv vііskovіh tіvіvіlnih osіb. In Ukraine, they took a life of more than 8.5 million people,

they would like to wait for the memory of the historical people and to the extent that they are inadvertently fully respected for their full benefit. aggressive political policies,

the main role is that of health care. , зобобігання між national conflicts, securing the peaceful development of large and democratic suspensions

unity and vibration in protestation with total regimes,

completely unshakable, but Ukraine is one of the powers-states of the Organization; , Yak Pose abuttya povnopravnogo membership Єvropeyskomu Soyuzі i Organіzatsії Pіvnіchnoatlantichnogo Treaty solіdarna svitu of nations that are democratic powers in tsі pam'yatnі for usogo lyudstva dnі that nagaduє scho odnієyu of headache tsіley stvorennya pіslyavoєnnih mіzhnarodnih іnstitutsіy Je rozvitok spіvpratsі mіzh powers zokrema through vzhittya neobhіdnih zahodіv Rehuvannya, for the inadmissibility of repeated jahit, having experienced 50 rock that,

2014 Rotsі porysha pislya completion Other Other svіtovo vіyni in Europe one state a member of the United Nations paid back for the health of the annexed part of the territory of the United Nations sovereign power, a member of the United Nations, who are the most vulnerable international villain against the world and those who have no good public order, but they are inevitably in bad faith. Rock to that,

Succumbing to the latest in Europe, at the time of territorial war, aggressive aggression and peace and peace, I’ve got it right that stability in Europe is impotent without vіdnovlennya povaga Rosіyskoї Fe deratsii to the rule of law, democracy of human rights, adherence to its norms and principles of international law, secrecy of strict territorial and civil rights of Ukraine and Georgia, as well as restrained

I’m gonna ponad 6 miles in Ukraine - a soldier, a sergeant, and an officer with their hands, they fought in the hands of total regimes and they made a significant contribution to the team, I can command the fronts and the armies.


before vshanuvannya pam'yatі usіkh died at the rock Other soviet wrestlers with Nazism and victims of Nazism and shily’s head in front of all those who have peace and the right to wake up democratic democracy,

before any other laws, widespread intolerance and discrimination for racial, ethnic and gender signs,

before the term of multilateralism, peace and solidarity of powers for the development of international organizations, democratic citizenship, Model for asserting the rule of law, bezpeki, peace and prosperity on the European continent bezpeki,

to the note of the peaceful Secretary General of the United Nations peacefully adjusting conflicts at home,

to protect them from being able to dominate the rest of the world; І policies and masquerade and ignorance of the Russian Federation of international law and violation of human rights in all regions of the country, as well as in the hour and hour of the occupation of sovereign powers in Europe, Ukraine READ ALSO

Where Ukrainians fought under the flags of other countries in World War II

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