May 4, 2022
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Rabbit came to the mall to have lunch

Bunny has lunch at the mallIt turns out that not only people can visit shopping centers, as residents of Colorado Springs (Colorado, USA) have seen.

Bunny has lunch at the mall

Customers arrived at the Walmart store and, entering the gardening department, saw a wild rabbit, which not only sat comfortably on the shelf, but also arranged a good lunch for itself, gobbling up one of the plants with appetite. Strictly speaking, the animal can hardly be called a real buyer, because it is unlikely that he was going to pay for the leaves that he ate.

Bunny has lunch at the mall

Eyewitnesses did not disturb the animal and simply left it on the shelf, and Internet users agree with this decision. A cute, smart rabbit deserves to enjoy a snack, even if it is not obtained in a very honest way.

The plate on the table was the victim of a curious rabbit

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