Jun 29, 2020
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Rabbit became a nanny for … puppies

Rabbit became a nanny for ... puppies

Even animals know what kindness and compassion are, and sometimes they do such things that people have a tight heart.

Residents of the Omsk region were surprised by a rabbit who showed literally paternal care for three newborn puppies.

A large rabbit escaped from an aviary at one of the farmers in the Omsk Region. When the owner discovered the loss, it was too late to search for the fugitive. The man thought that in the wild the rabbit would not last long, but he was fundamentally wrong. The big-eared jumped to the village of Azov and dug a mink for himself near one of the private houses - in it, and hid from the winter cold.

- I noticed a mink of a gray rabbit with a white tail from the window. I constantly watched the new neighbor and fed, ”says Margarita Startseva, a resident of the village. - The rabbit didn’t walk into the arms and did not let it close to itself. About two weeks later, I noticed that a huge white dog began to appear at the rabbit hole. Wandering. I thought she would eat an eared one, but no: he calmly climbed out of the hole and it seemed that the rabbit and the dog were good friends and even friends. The dog came to the hole and was located next to it, then it went away somewhere, and once I saw it on the road with a bloodied side and a puppy in its teeth.

As it turned out, the dog whelped. She managed to drag three couthers to the rabbit hole, and she herself went somewhere to die. “Maybe someone shot her, maybe the car hit her,” the residents of Azov suggest. So the rabbit became for kids the only close creature and educator: if someone approached them, he started to fuss. Guarded.

Margarita Startseva watched her amazing neighbors and fed: still blind puppies with milk and porridge, a rabbit with special compound feed, cabbage and carrots. And more than once I saw how a brave animal protected puppies from cats, and also “washed” them, licking them, and then pushed their nose into their underground house. The rabbit that gained weight on the feed in the cold warmed the puppies with its heat. In general, he perfectly performed the duties of a nanny.

Having learned about the unusual "family", representatives from the "Teremok" animal protection group arrived in Omsk. They said that one and a half month old babies (two girls and a boy), showing curiosity, increasingly crawl out of their shelter, and the rabbit nanny is finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the naughty pets and take them back to the hole.

- He even in his own way was angry with the puppies and all the time he jumped around them. It was evident that he was afraid for the kids, ”Natalya Ozherelyeva, organizer of the Teremok community, told MN. - When we told on social networks an amazing and touching story about a caring rabbit, we quickly managed to attach the puppies. They were taken to themselves by the inhabitants of Azov and Berezovka.

The rabbit itself, according to the animal rights activist, was taken by Margarita Startseva. She promised that he would not let him into the stew.

“By his act, he deserved not just life, but a good life,” said the new mistress of the eared.

Elena Khakimova.


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