Dec 31, 2020
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Quick medal making: how it’s done and who to contact

Quick medal making: how it's done and who to contact

All medals produced today can be divided into several main types.

Breast medals are quite a popular accessory among people of many professions. But not everyone knows that this is a rather complex technical process in which you need to invest your creativity and skill. That is why you do not need to trust this business to the first company you come across, it is better to contact a trusted company to order the production of medals that are quite durable and which will be made of high quality materials.

Why is this a demanded service

It is worth ordering the production of a medal for several reasons:

  1. Attractiveness. All products have an attractive appearance, so such badges will become a worthy decoration, as well as make the image more complete.
  2. Choice. You can always choose the one you want from the wide assortment. By the way, in some cases it is allowed to make jewelry to order.
  3. Originality. You can choose a standard badge or order the manufacture of a unique product according to an individual layout.
  4. Compliance with all wishes. A verified company will perform everything strictly at the request of the customer, down to the smallest details. The material of manufacture, appearance, engraving, etc. may change.

Who most often orders medals

The list of frequent clients includes:

  • Servicemen.
  • Law enforcement officers.
  • Firefighters.

All of them do not ask that the badges be necessarily pentagonal or quadrangular.

Quick medal making: how it's done and who to contact

Medals – unique products to order

No less popular and in demand are not only ready-made medals to order in St. Petersburg and other cities, which are supplied in an extensive range, but also those that are made to order. This service is in demand when a client comes to the company’s employees with a certain idea.

What are the types of products

All medals produced today can be divided into several main types:

  1. State. They are made in order to then hand them over to employees of administrative or power structures for certain merits. Quite often, medals are produced that speak of an increase in status, rank or position.
  2. Military. Such medals are awarded to those who distinguished themselves by certain merits and exploits in battle or in the service. A distinctive feature of such products is that all of them must strictly comply with regulatory documents, so it is not difficult for a company to make such jewelry.
  3. If we talk about jubilee products, then the complete imagination of the customer and the master himself is included, who plunges into the production of medals. Such a medal may have its own unique design, its own unique inscription and other features.

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