Jan 6, 2022
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Queues in stores in Nur-Sultan

There are long queues in the shops of the Kazakh capital, people stock up on goods for future use, but there are no problems with food, the Khabar 24 TV channel reports.

The film crew visited one of the largest supermarkets to check the rumors “about the lack of food.”

“There is enough food on the shelves, but there are long queues, all the cash desks were full,” the correspondent said on the air. The author of the report noted that people buy food for future use, despite the fact that there is no food shortage.

The TV channel also reported that according to the state of emergency, there are restrictions on the sale of alcohol, the corresponding department in the store was closed.

Since January 2, there have been massive protests in Kazakhstan against the rise in prices for liquefied gas. In different cities of the republic, riots are observed on the streets, there are dead and injured, cases of looting have been recorded.

Against the background of incessant pogroms, the head of Kazakhstan turned to the CSTO partners for help. On January 6, the first units of Russian peacekeepers arrived in the country.

Earlier on Thursday, it became known that the republic imposed maximum prices for liquefied gas and gasoline for six months and established temporary regulation of prices for diesel fuel.

It was also reported that in Nur-Sultan today by 17.00 (14.00 Moscow time) access to the Internet was resumed, previously limited due to the introduced state of emergency.

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