Oct 16, 2020
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Querry’s carrier. How an American infected with COVID-19 escaped from Russia

Tennis tournament St. Petersburg Open 2020, taking place in the city on the Neva, has attracted a lot of attention in recent hours. It's not about the results, but about a gross violation of the medical protocol by one of the participants.

ATP 500 in the city on the Neva

The tournament in St. Petersburg in 2020 is being held for the 25th time, but for the first time it was included in the prestigious ATP 500 series. The winner of such a competition receives 500 rating points, which allows collecting a strong lineup of participants.

All three strongest Russian tennis players take part in the current tournament - Daniil Medvedev (5th racket of the world), Andrey Rublev (12th) and Karen Khachanov (16th). Also among the participants are Canadians Denis Shapovalov (11th position in the world ranking) and Milos Raonic (21st), Swiss Stan Wawrinka (17), Croatian Coric (27th).

Came to St. Petersburg to participate in competitions and titled American Sam Querrey... The 33-year-old San Francisco native has won 10 ATP singles and 5 doubles in his career, reaching the Wimbledon semi-finals just three years ago. Two years ago, Querrey was ranked 11th in the world rankings, but now he has passed a little and takes 49th place.

Positive test

It is obvious that his career is gradually drawing to a close, and now Querrey is trying to get the most out of tennis. He came to Europe for several weeks with his wife and 8-month-old son. First, the family visited France, where they were isolated in a so-called "security bubble" with the rest of the Roland Garros members. Then, judging by the publications in social networks, Sam and his relatives managed to make a pleasure trip to the south of France, after which he went to St. Petersburg.

In the first round, the American had to play with the 2nd seeded Denis Shapovalov, but the fight did not take place. On October 12, APR issued a message that one of the St. Petersburg Open 2020 withdrawn from the competition due to a positive test for coronavirus and a Serb will take its place in the tournament bracket Victor Troitsky...

“Local health authorities and the ATP medical headquarters continue to monitor the player who has been sent to self-isolation. At the moment, there are no symptoms of the disease. We keep track of who the player has contacted in order to identify and notify them, ”the ATR said in a statement.

What scared the American?

Unfortunately, there is nothing new in this news. The virus is found in hockey players, football players, gymnasts, tennis players, and all of them dutifully fulfill the requirements of the medical protocol. But in Querrey's case, things turned out differently.

New York Times Correspondent Ben Rothenberg wrote on his Twitter page that Querrey and his family members simply fled Russia.

The management of the ATP tour confirmed the fact of the emergency: “ATP is aware of an incident related to the violation of medical protocol by one of the players at the tournament in St. Petersburg. We take this matter very seriously and will investigate. Doing so could jeopardize the competition and affect the rest of the tour. ”

According to American journalists, the following happened. All members of the Querries family tested positive for coronavirus, after which the medical services of St. Petersburg announced that they would spend 14 days in quarantine in the same hotel where they stayed. The tennis player did not argue with this. But later, Querry was warned that if serious symptoms were found and the condition of a family member worsened, hospitalization would be required.

This is a common practice, and nothing special about it. But the tennis player, apparently, imagined some kind of violent operation in which he is separated from his wife and child, wringing his hands, throwing him into a solitary ward with soft walls ...

I didn't want to sit for 14 days - you will sit for 3 years

In general, what Sam has fantasized, only he can tell. Be that as it may, he began to call sponsors with a plea for an emergency evacuation. The American was rented a private jet, on which he flew, reportedly, "to one of the European countries."

Of course, the Russian doctors did not set up security at the Querry family room, relying on the prudence of the Americans. Therefore, the tennis player with loved ones left Russia without hindrance. But, apparently, in the country to which Querrey flew away, he did not inform anyone that he was infected. According to Rotenberg, now the American does not disclose his whereabouts, fearing that doctors in this country will ask him because of the coronavirus.

ATP bosses have no time for jokes. Now it is very difficult to obtain permission to host a tournament in a particular country. Local authorities meet halfway only under the guarantees of the strictest compliance with all measures and restrictions. And here a famous tennis player, knowing about his own infection, begins to rush from place to place, acting as a potential carrier of the infection.

In the summer of 2020, changes were made to the rules for holding ATP tournaments, providing for severe penalties for violating medical regulations. An offender can be fined $ 100,000 and suspended from competition for up to three years.

What kind of punishment will fall on Querry's head is still unknown, but it is unlikely that he will be able to get out of the water after such an "AWOL".

World sports can pay for tricks of Ronaldo and Querry

Admittedly, an American tennis player - not the only athlete tired of quarantine compliance. Famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldofor example, he even yelled at the Italian Juventus bosses who, for security reasons, did not want to let him go to the Portugal national team match. As a result, Cristiano, not giving a damn about the warnings, all such left, and after that he was diagnosed with a coronavirus. True, now the footballer, whose disease is asymptomatic, is ready to honestly leave the quarantine, in order to get the right to play in the Champions League match with Barcelona after it expires.

If athletes decide that medical restrictions are not a decree for them, and will act in droves like Querry and Cristiano Ronaldo, world sport, which has not recovered from the spring quarantine measures, may face another full stop. It is silly and irresponsible to behave like a child, arranging escapes and being capricious in the face of a widespread increase in incidence rates. The officials have enough worries without having to babysit the athletes.

And Querrey, obviously, is the time to think about retirement. If you cannot fulfill the norms established in sports, you do not need to create problems for yourself or others. Finding a tennis coach for the bored rich for Sam in his native States will not be difficult.

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