May 14, 2020
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Quarter star boasts juicy buttocks in a fashion photo shoot

Elina Mbani / Instagram

Ukrainian artist Elina Mbani, who plays with Elena Kravets in the Women's Quarter, starred in a new photo shoot for which she posed in a sexy outfit in which she seemed to be wearing only shorts.

Elina Mbani in high boots and a long jacket struck a spicy photo shoot. The photo was posted on Instagram by the photographer.

"Ta-dam! I returned to working mode! Full of strength, ideas and all that they say in these cases. In general, let's shoot, create, show. Moreover, there are more sunny days, more and more dark, and photo studios have become even more beautiful. Therefore, I am open for filming. Write, ask, book! And it’s important - I don’t shoot only models - and this is important !!! Rather the opposite! Welcome model Elina Mbani, "writes photographer Elena Gudemchuk.

In the photo, Elina poses on a chair in a long denim jacket and nnyh boots. The jacket is so long that you can’t understand where the shorts or the dress are underneath, or just the underwear, and the boots are not able to cover the attractive long slim legs that seduce the fans.

) Элина Мбани
Elina Mbani / Instagram

Элина Мбани
Elina Mbani / Instagram

Fans were delighted with the new photo shoot of Elina Mbani and put a lot likes and wrote a lot of comments.

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