Nov 13, 2021
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Quality towels: types of products and features of choice

Quality towels: types of products and features of choice

Before purchasing towels, you should familiarize yourself with the basic requirements that apply to them.

Towels are irreplaceable attributes in the kitchen, bathroom, beauty salons, gyms, etc. This accessory for hygiene procedures should be not only beautiful, but also practical. Let’s talk in more detail about how to choose a quality product that will not change its original characteristics over the years.

Key criteria

Before buying towels, you should familiarize yourself with the basic requirements that apply to them. Among the key ones are the following:

  • hygroscopicity… It is important that the product absorbs moisture well. This indicator depends not only on the quality of the material, but also on the length of the pile;
  • breathability… A towel that is too dense in structure will create a “greenhouse effect”. It, in turn, negatively affects the condition of the skin and hair. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to products made from natural materials or with a small amount of synthetic fibers. They are excellent for air permeability and dry quickly;
  • softness… Since towels are used to maintain personal hygiene, it is important that they are pleasant to the touch. Rigid products can cause irritation when in contact with the skin. For the face, you should not choose textiles with a short dense pile, but for the legs, they are perfect;
  • the weight… The most practical are medium-weight towels. They are moderately heavy, but easy to use.

Design is an important criterion for choosing towels, especially for children. Kids are advised to choose stylish products in bright colors, as well as with interesting prints.

The assortment of such popular textile attributes is so large that it is not difficult to choose high-quality, beautiful and inexpensive ones.

Types and features of towels


Such products are divided into several groups depending on their purpose. For example:

  • bath. They are intended to be used after taking a bath or shower. Sizes can vary from 70–100 cm in width and 140–150 cm in length;
  • for face. They are characterized by softness and small size;
  • for hands and feet. These towels are slightly stiffer than for the face, although the size may be the same;
  • beach. These products are quite large in size (140 × 70 cm models are standard);
  • kitchen. Indispensable attributes for most housewives. They are compact, absorb moisture well, and are designed to perform various tasks in the kitchen – from wiping dishes to drying fruits;
  • ritual. The most popular are kryzhma. They can be decorated with ornaments, lace, etc. Kryzhma are used during baptism.

When choosing towels, you should focus on the material of manufacture. The most practical are cotton, terry, bamboo, tencel and linen products. Some manufacturers combine materials.

It is important that the product is made from at least 50% natural fibers.

Otherwise, it will get wet quickly, dry for a long time and rub the skin during use. In addition, synthetic products can provoke allergic reactions.

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