Nov 15, 2021
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QR-codes system in the post-Soviet space: an overview by countries


QR-codes system in the post-Soviet space: country overview
FBA “Economics Today”
FBA “Economics Today”

The State Duma of Russia today is considering draft laws on the introduction of QR codes for adults in order to limit the spread of the new coronavirus infection. It is planned that people will show QR codes or past illness to get to non-grocery stores, shopping centers, cultural institutions and public events, and it will also be required on trains and airplanes.

The publication emphasized that such measures are already working in countries in the post-Soviet space and in the countries of the European Union, so Moscow relies on the experience of different countries in adopting bills.

V Kazakhstan QR codes are used in almost all public places, in shopping centers, in mountain resorts, as well as in airports and train stations.

V Latvia without a vaccination certificate, almost nothing can be visited except pharmacies and grocery stores.

In the neighboring Estonia there are “green passports” that need to be renewed once a week, without QR codes you can visit a pharmacy and a grocery store, a similar system works in Lithuania

V Azerbaijan the QR code system works only for visiting shopping centers and catering places.

“Green Passports” in Georgia will begin to operate from December 1, citizens must show it in hotels and mountain resorts.

V Moldavia QR codes are asked only at the entrance to cafes and restaurants.

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