Sep 16, 2022
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Putting corn sticks in tomato soup, the man angered many gourmets

corn sticks in soupSharing on the Internet a dish he invented, the man angered many gourmets.

corn sticks in soup

The stranger is not averse to having tomato soup in a mug for lunch, and there would be nothing terrible in this if it were not for the strange addition. Instead of croutons, which many people put in tomato soup, our hero poured cheese-flavored corn sticks from Wotsits into a mug.

corn sticks in soup

Such eccentricity went sideways to the man, because his dinner was branded with disgrace, calling the dish a horrific outrage on both soup and chopsticks. Gourmets, who managed to take their own emotions under control, did not swear and explained what was the minus of such a soup – unlike croutons, corn sticks will quickly turn into porridge. Perhaps this makes sense. Although at the same time, one cannot deny the right of a man to eat whatever he wants for dinner.

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