Feb 16, 2021
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Putsch or revolution: what will blow away Putin?

Putsch or revolution: what will blow away Putin?

Photo: Evgeny Osokin / TASS

Representatives of transnational corporations are preparing a plan to overthrow the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This opinion was expressed by an economist Mikhail Khazin on the Aurora Youtube channel. He predicted two periods in 2021 when the supreme power in Russia would find itself in a zone of maximum political turbulence.

In his opinion, at the beginning of the year, the citizens of the Russian Federation will face falling incomes, rising prices, and economic instability. The economist believes that by worsening socio-economic conditions, the liberal elite is trying to rock the boat, and the acute phase of the plan to remove Putin from power will begin in late spring. “They are going to dump Putin before the summer, or at the very beginning of autumn,” he stressed.

According to Khazin, it looks like a putsch. He believes that Putin has already managed to stop an attempted coup d’etat once – in April-May 2020, when government officials demonstratively sabotaged direct orders from the president related to the allocation of funds to needy segments of the population. As a result, people got the money.

Now, according to the expert, Putin is going to propose a new model for the development of the world; as a result, many current financiers may lose power. However, the Western elite will try to prevent such a development of events, so they will go for broke on the issue of overthrowing the Russian president.

It is worth noting that Khazin is known for “loud” forecasts, which, as a rule, do not come true. Nor do our experts think the current scenarios should be taken seriously.

– This is another hype from Khazin, nothing more, – I’m sure Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Gevorg Mirzayan… – There is no reason to count on a putsch. Neither economic, nor electoral, nor elite. Putin has a colossal and real level of support. He never took people to rallies – but if he wants to be protected by the people, he will. People will pick up anyone the president points at. This is not to mention the fact that all the levers of government in the country are in the hands of the GDP.

“SP”: – According to Khazin, by worsening socio-economic conditions, the liberal elite is trying to “rock the boat.” She has been swinging it for 10 years and still does not swing it. Is the boat unsinkable?

– Look at the president’s rating. Yes, the boat is unsinkable. Moreover, all the swinging (even if it was purposeful) arouses not hatred of the president, but surprise – as long as, they say, he will tolerate these liberals in the government.

Again – if it is purposeful. I do not see a purposeful conspiracy to worsen – otherwise the Kremlin’s liberal tower would have been buried long ago by the security forces. Oh, how they don’t like traitors! This is more likely not about sabotage, but about choosing an economic line with all its shortcomings, which Khazin does not like.

“SP”: – According to Khazin, the acute phase of the implementation of the plan to deprive Putin of power will begin in late spring. Are there any prerequisites for any changes to take place at this time?

– Yes there is. The country will come out of the coronavirus peak and life will become easier for people. Biden will swing on tough anti-Russian sanctions – and it will become easier for the elite to live, since it is possible to consolidate the electorate around itself again under the banner of fighting against external pressure. And to blame all the economic troubles on this pressure.

Where are the grounds for the putsch?

“SP”: – Khazin believes that Putin once already managed to stop an attempted coup d’etat last spring, when government officials demonstratively sabotaged the president’s direct orders related to the allocation of funds to needy segments of the population. Can you agree with this?

– Of course not. It’s not a coup d’etat, but a non-functioning vertical. For a long time, Putin did not punish local officials for carelessness – so they relaxed. So they began to sabotage instructions from above – and not only Putin. Look even at the Moscow level. The mayor’s office issued a decree prohibiting the bricking up of air vents (so that cats could live in basements), and local residents did not care about the instructions of the mayor’s office and continue to do so. And nothing happens to them for this.

We need tough punishments, a demonstrative flogging of bureaucrats. Lazy, not preparing a conspiracy.

“SP”: – According to Khazin, now Putin is going to propose a new model for the development of the world, as a result, many current financiers may lose power. The Western elite will try to prevent such a development of events, so they will go for broke on the issue of overthrowing the Russian president. Is the West now more interested than before in a change of power in Russia and ready to contribute to this?

– This is a question for Khazin. I see no prospects for a radical change in the current economic model. So radical that financiers would howl and stimulate a coup. Yes, after the coronavirus, you can live differently – put protectionism on the rails, start up a small business and manufacturing sector from scratch. But, probably, all this will remain just words.

“SP”: – What is really dangerous for Putin: the putsch of the elites or the protests that can turn into a revolution?

– Neither one nor the other. For Putin, the ineffectiveness of the government and the wrong reaction to the protests are dangerous. Excessive violence or, conversely, excessive apathy. Continuation of the weak line in the information sphere, unwillingness to oust the navalists from the Internet space.

– It is completely incomprehensible why to entangle the intrigues of the world government where there is enough incompetence and greed of officials, – believes member of the political council of the Other Russia party E.V. Limonov “Andrey Milyuk… – The fact that local performers and even entire ministers are striving to not give people what they should, and after being shouted from above, they come to their senses a little – their usual behavior, and not proof of a failed putsch last spring. Good Putin versus bad environment is a well-known story in Russian politics.

Mikhail Khazin came to this error through two false theses. First, for some reason he opposes Putin and the world financial and economic elites. It is enough to look at the figures for the export of capital from the country to understand: Russia is undergoing a form of robbery, and on this issue, Putin and the “world government” have purely methodological differences. Milking the country endlessly or immediately putting it under the knife – this is the most fundamental contradiction between them.

Secondly, Khazin believes that Russia has a special role in the global economy after the crisis. Moreover, it is impossible to build a new balance of power in the world without Russia’s participation. Surely, Mr. Khazin understands the economy more than we do, but right now Russia’s place in the world hierarchy of states is well known. Our country can impose its political will on great powers like Armenia and Azerbaijan (see the recent war between them); negotiate with regional leaders like Iran and Turkey (see wars in Syria and Karabakh); and give in to the threat of conflict with the countries – world leaders (see the war in Donbass). Frankly speaking, it is not the strongest position in the negotiations on a new world order.

Khazin speaks a lot and correctly about the crisis of capitalism, the upcoming redistribution of world markets and other things, but let’s wait not for the summer-autumn putsch, but at least for the next message from the president to the Federal Assembly. If you remember, Khazin predicted that in this message Putin would declare a rejection of the liberal model in the economy.

But if that doesn’t happen, Putin will continue to play his usual roles. For the elites, he is the main guarantor of their wealth; for systemic liberals – the lesser evil in the country of “sovoks” and “quilted jackets”. “Street” liberals are not afraid of him, because they are helpless. Putin should be afraid of the “silent majority”, but it is not yet ready to take to the streets: the left-patriotic policy has been so cleansed that the main left and main patriot in the country is again Putin. Why would he change anything if everything is fine? Why do we need a palace coup if Putin suits the Russian elite ?!

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