May 3, 2021
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“Putinists”, “liberals” and “morons” of our brain

Photo: Gavriil Grigorov / TASS

Skipped biology classes at school? Well, honestly? So our managers are not recognized, especially from the “vertical”, and therefore stubbornly “do not enter” the elementary questions, the answers to which are given in school textbooks.

A history with some kind of social science is good, physics with mathematics is fine, although some grumble, they say, “in life” they did not use a lot of knowledge. In vain, they say, the head was “loaded”. So after all, the idea is not to memorize, but to acquire the skill “cause-effect” in different circumstances. Only then will a “distant gaze” appear, allowing you to see not the “strokes”, but the oil painting. Or at least a fragment of it, and not just a “mess”. Biological thinking is no worse than mathematical logic, therefore:

The collapse of the USSR

Each human cell has two parallel-simultaneous tasks. First, ensuring self-preservation (including the process of reproducing one’s own likeness). Secondly, it supports the survival of the rest of the organism. Excessiveness of the first function can lead to a malignant tumor, the second – to parasitizing weak cells at the expense of stronger ones, which triggers the aging process.

Of course, balance would be better, however, the ideal does not exist, otherwise we would be immortal. Now apply this biological prototype to the social model and a lot will become clear. Both about the USSR and about the Russian Federation.

Why the United States does not want to “live together”

The interspecies struggle for existence is the main postulate of evolution, that is, development. There is even a special term: “evolutionary arms race”. This is when the prey starts to run faster than its parents, but the predator also increases its speed in comparison with its ancestors.

And if you don’t want to “run” (resist, compete) for some reason? We read the textbook: “Interspecies struggle is not necessarily direct destruction, but those less adapted to the conditions of existence find themselves without resource sources and a suitable territory for reproduction. As a result, the population dies. “

Naturally, the struggle between different species is acute if they “need similar conditions”, and also “intensifies and exacerbates the intraspecific struggle.” Now it is clear why the Russian elite were so happy Trump (who, in general, did not care about foreign policy) and was discouraged Biden? “Intraspecific struggle” during exacerbation of “interspecies” – that’s what they, feeling in their gut, are afraid, like the devil of incense. And that’s what “personal sanctions” are for.

Political labels due to a shortage of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine

The energy-saving mode of the brain is genetically determined for better evolutionary survival. While everything is calm – we save up calories, a cataclysm happens – we activate the neurons of the basal nuclei (they are “ganglia”, they are also “gray matter”) to accelerate the receipt and processing of information.

On the one hand, it seems to be “reasonable”, why “spend money” on a familiar road, work on a conveyor belt or a dish for breakfast, it’s easier to put it on “autopilot”. On the other hand, stereotyped thinking every year more and more slows down the “neural burst” (the brain is, as it were, “lazy”) and makes it difficult to perceive new things.

Therefore, each subsequent design seems to us “worse” than the previous one. According to neuroscientists, by the age of 35, most of us cease to perceive new music, and by 40 we no longer want to try unusual food. Without additional stimuli, the “lazy brain” does not want a “gym” with increased loads, it is dearer to “habit”. Hence – “flabbiness” (degradation).

Political labels are a typical example of the “underdevelopment” of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (the same product of the basal ganglia or “gray matter”). The brain sorts by “Putinists”, “Bulk”, “Liberals”, guided by standard criteria, and “once and for all”, so that later enjoy the “energy saving” mode.

If someone, suddenly, does not fit into this “energy-saving packaging” of our brain with his non-standardness, it means he simply “DOUBLE”, which is also a kind of “cell”.

PS Still in doubt about the future of socialism (from socius – “general”, “comradely”)? Look through a microscope at an amoeba, and then at yourself in a mirror, is it not suggestive?

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