Oct 31, 2021
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Putin will only leave after restoring the empire

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS)

President of Russia Vladimir Putin will leave his post after restoring the “Great Empire”. This was told by an economist, former deputy head of the economic department of the President of Russia Mikhail Khazin

According to him, Putin did not leave the “window of opportunity” for participation in the presidential campaign in order to be re-elected.

“I have a feeling that Putin was playing. He had two tasks – to cope with internal demons and external ones. The situation is this: since external forces protect the demons, until you restrict them, it is difficult to fight – maybe he would have coped, but the resource would have been wasted crazy. He said on May 9 on Red Square, addressing, among other things, the President of the United States Joe Bidenthat in our area of ​​responsibility we will make decisions, and not even in Russia, but in the world. It was a condition. And it was adopted since the meeting in Geneva took place. “

So, Mikhail Khazin continued, agreements between Russia and the United States have been reached, but now they must be implemented.

“The mechanism can be in the old format, but with new rules and new actors. And after that, Putin can leave, because he will restore the Great Empire, ”the ex-official said.

– Putin likes the idea of ​​an empire, that’s right, – believes political scientist Anatoly Baranov

– The idea of ​​a new type of state, according to Lenin, in his head did not take root, although the United States is also largely built on a similar principle. But Putin does not need the United States, he needs a classic empire, with an emperor, a cult of power, an imperial nation, and so on. The time of empires has passed, but Putin does not feel it. He may want anything, but Russia has nothing for the empire. For all his intelligence and resourcefulness, Putin does not understand this, even more precisely does not want to understand.

“SP”: – In the West, Putin is often accused that Putin wants to recreate the USSR, the Russian Empire. Is this a horror story? Does anyone really believe in this?

– The Soviet Union definitely doesn’t want it, it doesn’t understand it, doesn’t feel it. And the Russian Empire cannot be restored, no matter how much you like the crunch of a French roll.

“SP”: – But the international weight of Russia has really increased under Putin, compared with the 90s. In your opinion, did Putin achieve this, or is it a “collateral effect”?

– I’m not sure that Putin was trying to achieve something concrete. It happened. The international weight has grown, but this is the weight of dislike and dislike. Think, Sobchak in a coffin is now tossing and turning.

“SP”: – Khazin sees the situation in such a way that Putin is fighting some “internal demons” who are helped by external ones. How true is this?

– I don’t know if it’s about cowards Navalnythen yes, it is fighting. In general, demons are from vocabulary Kadyrov… This is strange to me.

“SP”: – Putin thinks about what mark he will leave in history? He himself said more than once that it interferes with work … How this desire will affect his decision on the future of power in Russia. Or will he not make the decision at all?

– Putin is a complicated person, of course, he should be worried about what he will leave behind. So far, the legacy is not inspiring. Except for the Crimea. I am now sitting on the shore of the Feodosiya Bay, the wind is from the sea, but it’s warm. Good. Crimea will be credited to him, of course. But Donbass will be counted as well …

– The question of his departure or the length of his tenure, Putin never discussed, never announced or explained his plans, – reminds Associate Professor, Penza State University Anna Ochkina

– Neither 2008 nor 2018. As for the empire, in my opinion, Vladimir Putin has no goal of restoring the empire in any sense, especially within the borders and the world role of the USSR – as, probably, the West understands it. Strategic goals in general in the current government are poorly visible, if it is not the goal of maintaining the status quo.

As for the “fifth column”, ruled by the West, this is an excellent ideologeme for suppressing freedom of speech. This is reflected in the ever-expanding list of “foreign agents”. One could talk about a pro-Western and opposing patriotic opposition – or about a left opposition, anti-capitalist – if we had an opposition. There are dissatisfied people who in no way are attracted to “demons”, even “zombified by the West.”

This is Mikhail Khazin’s just loyalist conspiracy theories. Pro-government publicists are constantly turning the arrows to some internal enemies that prevent the government from making a patriotic turn, which they promise just around the corner. And so for 20 years in a row.

“SP”: – In your opinion, under Putin, Russia still began to play a large role in the world? Does Putin think it’s his merit?

– Russia is historically, geographically and politically doomed to the role of a prominent power, whether it wants it or not. Each macro-region has a country that is of key importance for this macro-region. For example, Brazil in Latin America or Poland in Eastern Europe. Today Russia is already in this row. The countries that remain or have become world leaders are looking at it: the United States, China, the European Union (if it can be perceived as a whole).

Russia today does not pull the role of a world center of power, although historically it remains in the center of attention of the whole world, if only due to its history. And in this sense, it remains a great power – regardless of who and how it rules. The play is played even with bad actors.

At the same time, I do not think that Vladimir Vladimirovich believes in the world “after Putin” at all. Volodin said there is no Putin, no Russia. The current elites cannot even imagine that there can be any future without them. The everlasting present, this is their ideal.

– Apparently, we are talking about the “Russian Empire”, headed by the so-called Romanov, – believes Director of the EAEU Institute Vladimir Lepekhin

– It is obvious that 2022 should be a decisive year for this issue. We have seen the last year how the monarchical model of ruling Russia was actively promoted, and the latest events related to the engagement, and then the wedding. Gregory Hohenzollern aims to do just that.

On November 17, the Bishops’ Council was to be held, which was to finally recognize the remains Nicholas II, but the cathedral has been postponed until 2022. Presumably, it will become such a milestone, because after the recognition of these very remains, the next phases of the approval of the so-called Romanovs on the Russian throne will begin. That is, accordingly, the transformation of the transit technology of the presidential republic into a constitutional monarchy.

If this happens, then, indeed, Putin will already have to leave, for example, to the post of head of the State Council, and his mission in this sense will be fulfilled, namely, the restoration of the so-called Romanov monarchy, which in fact, by and large, is not to the Romanovs. has nothing to do.

“SP”: – According to Khazin, Putin had two tasks – to cope with internal demons and external ones. It turns out that the president is courageously confronting some kind of “fifth column” ruled by the West? Why can’t she defeat her?

– Putin, perhaps, is opposing a certain fifth column ruled by the West, but he does not have the resource for this. That is, in fact, Putin is implementing such a resistance trend to the project, under which external forces are trying to adapt the management model of Russia – the formation of puppet power structures in Russia. But despite the introduction of amendments to the Constitution, which are aimed at strengthening the presidential power and a smooth transition of the presidential vertical from Putin to some of his successors, it is particularly difficult to resist.

External forces are crushing Putin, and the pressure on the economic and foreign policy areas has only increased over the past year. I think that meeting with Biden was connected with this – with some conditions that the US president formulated for Putin.

“SP”: – Khazin draws attention to the fact that on May 9 on Red Square Putin said, including addressing US President Joe Biden, that in our area of ​​responsibility we will make decisions, and not even in Russia, but in the world. In your opinion, today’s Russia is capable of taking responsibility for the world?

– Putin’s Russia undoubtedly claims to play a more active role, and the adherence of the Russian leadership to the multipolar model suggests that Russia should be one of the poles. But the so-called world government is unlikely to agree with this, which, in principle, does not assign Russia any role in the future world order.

I think that Russia can play a more or less significant role in the new world order only if it is ruled by the henchmen of the world government. Then yes, purely formally, Russia will be allowed to have some kind of influence, or rather, to imitate influence in the world – it will be considered one of the five or six poles of power. But, I repeat, only if the Russian leadership is a puppet.

“SP”: – Do you think Putin really thinks about his trace in history?

– Of course they do. He is not indifferent, like any normal person, who he will remain in history: the destroyer of his country or, conversely, the savior. And, perhaps, the desire to leave a positive mark makes him resist the objective trends that are being imposed on Russia today.

But in fact, Putin’s trail depends not so much on him as on his entourage, the team that came to power in Russia in 2000. And so far there are no prerequisites for the positive trail left by this team and Putin personally.

“SP”: – Even if we omit the words about “restoring the Great Empire”, do you think that Putin has a certain trait after which he can say: my mission has been accomplished? Or never, and Putin’s mission is permanent as long as he is alive?

– It depends on what it is. If, as he himself believes, it consists in saving Russia, protecting it from external influence and the scheme and model of external management that are being imposed on it today, then this mission is certainly positive, and if Putin leaves, having solved this problem , then, of course, we can say that this mission has been accomplished.

But do we have confidence that this is what Putin’s mission is?

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