Sep 6, 2021
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Putin urges the Japanese to cooperate on the islands, the Japanese want to get the islands themselves

Tokyo wants to remove Japanese citizens in the Kuril Islands from under Russian law and introduce an extraterritorial regime

That the idea of ​​dragging the Japanese to the Kuril Islands, giving them the opportunity to earn money there and lowering the degree of confrontation on the “territorial problem” imposed by the Japanese side, will come of nothing, the author of these lines and other experts on Japan have been saying for a long time.

By agreeing to “joint activities,” Japanese politicians are pursuing a different goal. In a propaganda book translated into Russian “Milestones to the conclusion of a peace treaty between Japan and Russia” the goal is stated directly: “The joint Japanese-Russian economic development of the northern territories will be carried out in such a way that the Russian side will provide land and cheap power, and the Japanese side will provide everything else: investment, equipment, technology and the market. As a result of joint economic development under the leadership of Japan and in connection with the increase in its economic power, the northern the islands of Habomai, Shikotan, Kunashir and Iturup gradually cease to differ from the territory of Japan; then at some point these islands become the territory of Japan (emphasized by me .- A.K.).

It is difficult to understand the persistence with which Russian officials invite the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun to the islands in respect of which Japan has passed laws establishing “Japanese sovereignty” there.

It is assumed that an unprecedented set of benefits and incentives will be created for business in the Kuril Islands. Initially, it was understood that these benefits and incentives were primarily intended for Japanese companies. Then, after criticizing this approach, government officials began to say that both Russian investors and investors from other countries could enjoy the benefits.

I didn’t like it very much in Tokyo. There, in the arrival of foreign investors, especially Chinese, in the Kuril Islands, they see a danger to their position on “the belonging of the islands to Japan.” Protests and performances were used.

The Japanese government stated that it considers the special tax regime, which is planned to be introduced in the Kuril Islands, contrary to Tokyo’s position on these territories. This was announced on September 6 at a press conference in Tokyo by the General Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers Katsunobu Kato. “This contradicts the position of our country on the four northern islands, as well as the essence of discussions on joint Japanese-Russian economic activity … We consider such statements to be regrettable. On September 3, we made a presentation to the Russian side … Joint economic activity should be carried out without prejudice to our legal position “

In essence, this is Tokyo’s response to Putin’s proposals.

Let us explain the situation with the “infringement of the Japanese legal position.” The Japanese side constantly claims that President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, during the visit of the Russian leader to Japan in 2016, allegedly agreed that joint economic activities in the southern Kuriles would be carried out “Without prejudice to the legal positions of the two countries”… Based on this, the Japanese government and Japanese propagandists demand from Moscow for Japanese companies and their personnel to remove them from Russian legislation and establish a regime of extraterritoriality for them in the Kuril Islands.

Meanwhile, the author of these lines and millions of Russian TV viewers remember how presidential aide Yuri Ushakov explained to Russian journalists in Tokyo following the talks between Putin and Abe in December 2016 that joint economic activities in the Kuril Islands will be carried out only on the basis of Russian legislation. This position is still adhered to by the Russian Foreign Ministry, whose leaders have repeatedly explained to the Japanese government that there can be no talk of any “special legal regime” in the Kuril Islands. Sergei Lavrov has recently reiterated this principled position.

While Japanese government officials make up protests and presentations to the Russian government, many sane Japanese are proposing to calm down and cooperate with their northern neighbor on a mutually beneficial basis. In particular, it is noted that “Japan will not be hindered by energy supplies from Russia”

“There is nothing wrong. You just need to act carefully so as not to become heavily dependent on Russia, ” – wrote an Internet user under the nickname a_k… Another commentator believes that working in the Kuril Islands, one can “Train” (it’s good not to tame!) Russians to Japanese goods. “That’s good! Let the Russians get used to our goods and services. Let them buy more Japanese! “ – stressed ahg… Another commentator agrees with him: “Our business needs to penetrate the northern islands and train the Russians to do it. The more of us there are on the islands and the more satisfied the Russians are with cooperation with Japan, the easier it will be to find a formula for resolving the territorial problem in the future! “ This is already in tune with the call of the Japanese pro-government organization “Ampoken” to quietly, through joint economic activities, bring the local population of the Kuril Islands to an agreement to transfer the islands under Japanese control.

However, there are many in Japan and those who suggest continuing to increase pressure on Moscow. They warn that with the arrival of foreign investment in the Kuril Islands, the possibility of their return becomes even less likely. “Japan itself should not invest in the northern territories and should oppose investments, for example, China and South Korea, by imposing sanctions on them!” – the user writes King

With the connivance of the Japanese and, in my opinion, the Russian government, the websites of Japanese news agencies are filled with appeals “Recapture the northern territories by war”… Especially often they appear in the form of comments of “ordinary Japanese” in a large agency Yahoo News Japan… So, for example, the user Yuu concluded that Tokyo will be able to return the “northern territories” only by starting a war, otherwise it will have to “endure humiliation.” And the commentator under the nickname Tsu called on Japan “Start acting ruthlessly”

We remember how ruthlessly the fathers and grandfathers of these provocateurs behaved towards the peoples of the countries occupied by the Japanese. They should have brought to them the documents declassified by the FSB of Russia about the trial of Japanese criminals in white coats, who created bacteriological and chemical weapons through experiments on people.

“Joint economic activity” with Japan in the Russian Kuril Islands, to put it mildly, has no prospects for Russia. It is absurd to believe that Tokyo will, without a second thought and plans to take away our islands, encourage its companies to develop Russian territories.

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