Oct 30, 2021
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Putin urged to speed up the process of mutual recognition of vaccines by the G20 countries

Russian leader Vladimir Putin called on the G20 countries to accelerate the process of mutual recognition of national vaccination certificates. He made such a statement at the G20 summit, the Kremlin press service reports.

The President took part in the summit via videoconference. The topic of today’s meeting was “World Economy and Global Health Care”.

Putin drew attention to the fact that not everyone has access to vaccines against coronavirus, especially in countries in need.

“This is happening, among other things, because of unfair, I believe, competition, protectionism, because of the unpreparedness of a number of states, including the G-20 states, for mutual recognition of vaccines and vaccine certificates,” the Russian leader said and stressed. that the issue of recognizing vaccination documents must be resolved as soon as possible.

Also, the head of the Russian Federation considers it necessary to develop mechanisms for a systematic, prompt renewal of vaccines. This is important because the virus continues to mutate and will pose a danger to humanity for a long time to come.

Putin recalled that Russia became the first country to register a vaccine against COVID-19 – Sputnik V. According to him, the drug has proven its safety and effectiveness, it is used in 70 countries. Also, the Russian Federation has developed a single-component drug “Sputnik Light”, which, as the president emphasized, can be used to increase the effectiveness of other vaccines.

Recall that the G20 summit is being chaired by Italy. As previously reported in the Kremlin, Putin is scheduled to make another speech at the meeting.

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