Oct 8, 2021
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Putin urged to react to NATO actions more rigidly

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Brussels’ actions were compared to the behavior of hooligans in the backyard

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is pursuing an overly intelligent policy towards NATO. We need to act harder. Sergey Markov, Director General of the Institute for Political Studies, called for this.

In his opinion, the North Atlantic Alliance is behaving today as a “gang of gopniks” whose goal is to “beat and plunder” Russia. Therefore, they need to answer accordingly:

“It is necessary to be tougher, tougher. In reality, the gopniks are NATO. And they only understand the language of force,”

– quotes “Free Press” the statement of a political scientist. In his opinion, NATO representatives are now “dishonoring the great European civilization,” while Moscow has been and remains “a leader in moderation and common sense.”

Earlier, Brussels decided to cut the Russian mission to NATO by almost half. At the same time, the organization’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, admitted that NATO did not have any specific accusations against the Russian diplomats who were ordered to leave the mission: making the decision to expel, the West was guided by their “feelings.”

Moscow has already warned that it will respond to this “unfriendly demarche.”

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