Mar 30, 2021
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Putin urged to prevent the transfer of interethnic conflicts to Russia

The transfer of interethnic conflicts to Russia from abroad is unacceptable, said President Vladimir Putin. He recalled that most of the hot spots are based on economic and political reasons, but religious and ethnic intolerance is being whipped up to incite such conflicts.

“We in Russia should not allow, will not allow any aggressive, disrespectful demonstration of our ethnicity towards representatives of any nationality, nor will we allow any foreign conflicts of this kind to be transferred to our land,” Putin said during a meeting of the Council on interethnic relations.

The state of interethnic relations in the country is positively assessed by 80% of citizens, the President noted. But these issues are very sensitive and require daily work, the head of state emphasized.

Migrants from other states have been living in Russia for years, the president said. They are somehow involved in the processes taking place in their homeland, Putin added.

According to him, the authorities carefully thwarted attempts to transfer interethnic conflicts from the post-Soviet countries to the territory of Russia.

“All such attempts, both today and in the future, will undoubtedly be suppressed,” Putin assured.

At the meeting of the council, the president will hear reports on education as a tool for harmonizing interethnic relations, including on the adaptation of migrant children. The participants will also consider the implementation of ethnocultural tourism projects in the constituent entities of the Federation. These topics are strongly interconnected, the head of state concluded.


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