Jan 6, 2021
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Putin urged the authorities of the capital “not to be poor”

During a meeting on social issues, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed the hope that Moscow will not have to resort to borrowing, since the city’s budget is balanced, with a surplus.

The head of state made the corresponding statement, addressing the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin. The transcript was published on the Kremlin website.

During the videoconference, the mayor announced his intention to take borrowings necessary for the implementation of all social programs.

In turn, the Russian leader drew attention to the fact that “the budget of the capital is strong enough and not only balanced, but it is being made up with a surplus, and with a significant surplus.”

“So you don’t worry, please, everything is all right with you,” the president stressed.

Putin also hopes that Moscow, like last year, will be able to provide financial support to regions of the Russian Federation in need of funds.

Earlier, the head of the Kremlin called the main goal of the government and the state as a whole – to improve people’s lives.

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