Oct 15, 2020
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Putin: unemployment problem is escalating in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with the head of Karachay-Cherkessia, Rashid Temrezov, noted the problem of rising unemployment throughout the country.

Quite a high level of unemployment in the region. You know this problem, especially now it is aggravating in the whole country, - quotes head of state TASS.

On October 15, unions proposed maintaining the increased unemployment benefits in 2021.

Trade unions propose to keep the maximum allowance, including for individual entrepreneurs and self-employed, at 12.1 thousand rubles. In addition, they consider it necessary to increase the amount of the benefit, at least to the level of the subsistence level of the working-age population for the II quarter of 2020 (12.4 thousand rubles), while maintaining the minimum amount of the benefit at the level of 4.5 thousand rubles, as in May - August 2020.

As wrote, earlier Putin signed a law on tax support for publishing houses.


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