Oct 21, 2021
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Putin spoke about systemic failures in the global economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about systemic failures in the global economy. This was reported by a correspondent from a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club.

According to the president, they are provoked by several factors. “There are systemic failures in the global economy, they are associated with growing deficits, inflation as a result, interruption of supply chains,” he said and recalled the blocking of the Suez Canal and the lack of drivers in the UK. “Unfortunately, COVID-19 plays a negative role in this. There are other reasons as well, ”Putin added.

Earlier, speaking about the energy crisis in Europe, he said that harsh and ill-considered actions in the energy market are already leading to serious imbalances. Putin also noted the economic recovery after the 2020 pandemic crisis, which led to higher energy prices. “As you know, the global energy market does not tolerate fuss and fuss. Investment plans here are of a long-term nature, ”the president said.

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