Oct 15, 2020
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Putin signed laws on the execution of the budgets of the Pension Fund and the MHIF for 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved laws on the execution of the budgets of the Russian Pension Fund (PFR) and the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund (MHIF). Both documents are posted on the legal information portal.

According to the published data, the total revenue of the Pension Fund budget for 2019 amounted to 8.781 trillion rubles. 8.720 trillion rubles of them are not associated with the formation of funds to finance the funded pension. As for expenses, their total volume amounted to 8.627 trillion rubles, and this figure for the fund's surplus for 2019 is 153.9 billion rubles.

The FOM income budget was executed in the amount of 2.124 trillion rubles, or 101.2% of the approved amount. If we compare these indicators with 2018, then revenues increased by 228.063 billion rubles, or 12%.

Budget expenditures in 2019 amounted to 2.187 trillion rubles, or 99.8% of the approved amount and of the updated summary list. Compared to 2018, they increased compared to 2018 by 198.195 billion rubles, or 10%.

As for the fund's budget, it was executed with a deficit of 62.749 billion rubles. It is provided with income, taking into account the carry-over balances of the fund's budget. In 2019, 100.798 billion rubles were allocated from the fund's budget to provide high-tech medical care that is not included in the basic compulsory medical insurance program. In 2019, high-tech medical care was provided to more than 1 million patients.

As wrote, earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with the head of Karachay-Cherkessia, Rashid Temrezov, noted the problem of rising unemployment throughout the country.


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