Jul 31, 2020
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Putin signed laws on “regulatory guillotine”

Vladimir Putin signed a number of laws on the reform of control and supervisory activities in Russia, or the "regulatory guillotine". The relevant documents are posted on the official website of legal information.

Draft laws on mandatory requirements and on state control were developed as part of the roadmap plan for the implementation of the “regulatory guillotine” mechanism. The Russian government submitted these initiatives to the State Duma in December.

The project "On State Control (Supervision) and Municipal Control in the Russian Federation" provides for the creation of a new model of risk management and introduces the concept of control and supervision proceedings, which enshrines the procedures, rights and obligations of all key participants in this activity.

In addition, it is proposed to abandon the format of inspections as the main control tool and introduce new types of measures - test purchases, field surveys or raids. At the same time, preventive measures will be considered the main ones: recommendations, counseling and information.

The second draft is called "On mandatory requirements in the Russian Federation" and defines the legal and organizational framework for establishing and assessing the application of mandatory requirements. The document defines the concept of a mandatory requirement, goals, basic principles and powers for their establishment, the procedure for the development and entry into force of regulatory legal acts containing the relevant requirements, as well as provisions on the possibility of establishing experimental legal regimes in the field of using mandatory requirements.

The explanatory note emphasizes that mandatory requirements are established “solely for the purpose of protecting the life, health of people, morality, rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations, not causing harm to animals, plants, the environment, national defense and state security, cultural heritage sites, protection of other of values ​​protected by law ”. The implementation of the provided provisions will not entail socio-economic, financial and other consequences, including for subjects of entrepreneurial and other economic activities, and will not affect the achievement of the goals of state programs of the Russian Federation, the note says. In addition, it specifies that mandatory requirements must be enforceable.

The “regulatory guillotine” involves a complete revision of the mandatory requirements for a business. The new regulation should come into force on January 1.

Earlier today, the media reported on the banks 'initiative to write off funds from clients' dormant accounts. The preparation of the relevant proposals was carried out within the framework of the "regulatory guillotine" of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

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