Dec 30, 2020
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Putin signed law criminalizing online libel

The Russian president has ratified a law that will increase liability for libel in the virtual space.

Putin signed law criminalizing online libel

A new document signed by the head of state Vladimir Putin has appeared on the official Internet portal of legal information. The federal law on increasing liability for online libel now provides for criminal liability.

Previously, only fines and compulsory work threatened a slanderer in the virtual space. Last week, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation approved an initiative to criminalize online libel.

Now, those who made false statements in the media or in public speeches will have to either pay a fine of up to one million rubles, or perform compulsory work for up to 240 hours. The court can also order forced labor for up to two years and arrest for up to two months. The most severe punishment for libel will be imprisonment for up to two years.

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