Oct 6, 2021
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Putin pointed to Europe’s energy mistakes

The practice of Europe in the energy market has confirmed that they made mistakes, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, writes RIA Novosti. The policy of short-term gas contracts is wrong, Putin said.

“We have spoken with the previous European Commission, and all of its activities were aimed at curtailing long-term contracts. It was aimed at the transition to exchange gas trading, and it turned out that today it has become absolutely obvious, it turned out that this policy is erroneous, “Putin said.

The energy market does not tolerate hustle and bustle, the head of state added. “Investment plans are long-term. Therefore, harsh and thoughtless actions can lead and, judging by the current situation on the market, are already leading to serious imbalances, “the President of Russia said.

The country, according to the president, has always been a reliable gas supplier for consumers in Europe and Asia. Putin also said that Russia could reach another record while maintaining the current pace of supplies to Europe.

On October 6, the cost of gas futures in the course of trading was approaching two thousand dollars. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the causes of the energy crisis in Europe are due to a number of factors at once, including the economic situation, and only non-professionals can connect what is happening with the actions of Russia.

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