Oct 14, 2021
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Putin met with deputies on the first day of the VIII convocation of the State Duma

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the VIII convocation in the St. George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the VIII convocation in the St. George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace (Photo: Ramil Sitdikov / POOL / TASS)

President of Russia Vladimir Putin On October 12, he met with the deputies of the State Duma of the VIII convocation in the Kremlin. In the St. George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, 450 deputies, who received mandates following the elections held on September 17-19, listened to the mandate of the head of state.

Putin congratulated the parliamentarians on the beginning of their work and wished them success in serving Russia and the people. He noted a significant renewal of the deputy corps, almost half of which – 218 people – will work in the State Duma for the first time.

“But all of you, without exception, are active people, not indifferent, already successful people, who have shown themselves in politics, in public service, in their profession,” the president said.

According to him, the political system of Russia is developing, responding to the changing demands of society and making it possible for active, motivated citizens to become politicians at the federal level. At the same time, for successful lawmaking, it is important that the development of parliamentary traditions is an important continuity, which is ensured by the deputies working in the State Duma for not the first convocation.

Prompt resolution of organizational issues, the President noted, allows the deputies to confidently embark on a rich legislative agenda. At the same time, he stressed that despite the fact that the people’s deputies represent different regions and parties, that each of them has its own program, everyone is united by the desire to work in the interests of Russia, its development, strengthening traditional values, indicated in the updated Constitution, “and, of course, for the sake of improving the well-being and quality of life of people. “

The state’s Gava hopes that the deputies will confirm the high credit of voters’ confidence with their daily hard and efficient work.

“For each deputy, each faction – the hopes of specific people, voters – your voters. Their voice, orders, proposals, even if they represent a minority, must be heard, ”he stressed.

At the same time, Vladimir Putin considers it important that the desire to implement election promises and programs is closely linked to national ideas of development and the achievement of the common good. Disagreements in approaches and positions, he considers normal.

“Parliament is exactly the platform where different opinions should be heard, and in discussions, disputes, the road to balanced solutions should open,” the president said. In his opinion, a constructive inter-factional dialogue is important here, a broad discussion of key issues with the participation of regions, civil society structures, constant interaction with the Government of the country.

Putin considers the low incomes of millions of citizens to be the main enemy and threat to stable development and the demographic future. In this regard, in the coming years, he said, it is necessary to form an integral system of support for families with children. The head of state recalled that this system has already begun to be formed, gradually providing its financing.

“I ask you to act in this way on other issues as well,” he called on the deputies.

The President also stressed that the basic task is to increase citizens’ incomes, create jobs in all regions of the country, further economic growth, support high-tech industries, and develop small businesses so that people have more opportunities to improve the well-being and well-being of their families.

In his opinion, acute problems in healthcare, education, housing policy, and ecology require special attention. The solution of these and other tasks to a large extent depends on the effective activities of the State Duma, therefore, each faction and each deputy must understand their high responsibility in the preparation and adoption of laws.

Vladimir Putin recalled that among the first bills to be considered are the federal budget and the budgets of extra-budgetary funds, and these documents contain “at least three key priorities: social policy, economic development and, of course, healthcare.”

He said that 41.5 trillion rubles are expected to be allocated for social policy, that is, first of all, to support families with children, people of older generations, 15.1 trillion rubles for economic development and regional support, for healthcare – 10.9 trillion rubles.

“In the bills on the federal budget and the budgets of extra-budgetary funds, every second ruble of expenditures is directed to the implementation of social policy and health care,” the president said.

Despite the recovery to the pre-crisis level of the economy as a whole, problems remain, including inflation, which this year will exceed the forecast level of 5.8%. This, the head of state emphasized, strongly affects the poorest groups of the population.

“We must understand this, know and react accordingly,” he is convinced.

The President recalled that social payments, which are financed from the federal budget, should be indexed according to actual inflation in 2022 and drew the attention of the deputies and the government to the fact that there are enough funds in the budget for this. He also noted that, in accordance with the law, only maternity capital is indexed according to forecast inflation and suggested starting from 2022 to switch to its indexation not according to the forecast, but according to the actual inflation for the previous year. Vladimir Putin asked parliamentarians to pass a relevant law.

The President also instructed the government to submit additional proposals on measures of social support for citizens within a month, which is in demand in the context of increased inflation, and promised to consider these proposals at a meeting in the near future.

He also stressed that the program of the United Russia party was formed on the basis of proposals from citizens from all regions of our country, and this should be reflected in the draft law on the budget, in turn, the factions should take control of the implementation of these projects.

The President drew special attention to the need to work with voters, to understand their needs, interests, problems and obligatory help to people.

“For the people and for your voters, you are, first of all, elected representatives of the people. Don’t forget this. And people can and will turn to you with a variety of questions, even perhaps beyond your competence, but they rely on you and remember that they came and voted for you, ”he addressed those who for the first time elected to parliament, adding that the deputies, who have been working in it for several years, know about it and “they do it”.

Separately, the President dwelled on the fight against coronavirus infection, the growth of which is observed in many regions, medical workers work in difficult conditions. He called for increasing the rate of vaccination, which can save from infection, a severe course of the disease. Vladimir Putin called on the people’s deputies to take an active part in this work, to appear in the media.

“People trust you and listen to advice and recommendations, this is very important – without any administrative harassment. We need to persistently and patiently work with people, explain to them all the benefits associated with the prevention of this dangerous disease, ”he said.

MP from the Communist Party faction Alexei Kurinny I heard nothing new in the message.

– Once again the emphasis on the poverty of the population, probably the most painful point; an emphasis on the social sphere and health care, the need for their adequate financing, and on the development of the economy, without which neither the first nor the second is impossible.

“SP”: – To what extent does the budget, which now have to be considered by the deputies, meets the needs of citizens both in the social sphere and in healthcare?

– The figures that exist concerning education and health care are 2 times less than necessary for the country, if it wants to be modern, to develop a modern innovative economy.

“SP”: – Why does the government, especially against the background of problems caused by the coronavirus, not allocate the necessary funds for this?

– For me, this is a big question, now it has only become aggravated: why, over the past few years, when health care needs, if not categorical, reformation, then adequate funding, transformation, improvement, the government, understanding, imagining, doing, probably, what- then comparative analyzes with other countries continues the policy of chronic systemic underfunding of social sectors.

State Duma Deputy from the Socialist Political Party “Fair Russia – For Truth” faction Mikhail Delyagin noted two, in his opinion, important points in the president’s speech.

– Firstly, even if it was ritualistic, it is important that it was said: he was very warm and even cordial, which is not very typical, he said in his address to the deputies that they were great, that they won, but do not try to forget about the people, people need to be helped. He put great emphasis on this. Judging by the fact that at that moment his face and intonation even changed, it means something to him.

The second surprised me very much. He said that the main priorities of the state are social policy, health care and the national economy, which is necessary to pay for all this. I’m just reading the budget, and I got the feeling, like in 97th year, when Satarov told reporters – “the president Yeltsin set up again. ” I had a very similar feeling, such a déjà vu, because of all budget items (except those that are cut mercilessly, such as mass sports), social policy, health care, and the national economy named by the president are cut absolutely mercilessly. There is a very, very serious reduction in costs.

Excuse me, do we have the same level of cynicism as during the raising of the retirement age? Or is the president no longer being framed, but simply mocking him and discrediting him? Will he sign all this? Wait and see.

“SP”: – Indeed, the President has recently been constantly talking about social policy and healthcare. Why does the government give such a draft budget?

– This is not the government. This is the Ministry of Finance. The government simply capitulated to the Ministry of Finance, as far as can be judged. The Ministry of Finance’s position is completely transparent. Social policy: half of the spending is pension reform. Its meaning is that there are fewer of them, because the retirement age has been raised so that pensioners die faster, working at an age when, in general, a person is no longer physiologically able to work, and for those who remain, there is no significant increase in pension, other than indexation. Due to these factors, their numbers are decreasing.

The fact that pensioners can be added a little does not occur to the Ministry of Finance. What for? They live well on their 12 thousand rubles.

Healthcare is also simple. In 2020-2021 expenses on it rose sharply. But if someone conditional says that the coronavirus is over, that it is no longer a danger, then health care costs can be drastically reduced. The Ministry of Finance does not care that they were increased in such a way that health care was practically destroyed. Let it be the problems of the Ministry of Health.

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