Jun 30, 2021
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Putin, June 30: “I will hit carefully, but hard”

    Putin, June 30:

Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev / TASS

On June 30, the president of the country will get in touch with the people.

Despite the fact that the situation with the coronavirus has deteriorated sharply, the Kremlin did not postpone the event. There is no doubt: Channel One, Russia-1, NTV etc. will show a beautiful picture. Later Dmitry Peskov will explain that everything was safe, and people literally rushed to the air.

Surely, the traditional method will be used – solving the problems of an ordinary person with a reprimand and even punishment of officials. But will the Kremlin do this on the eve of the elections, the results of which will depend on the loyalty of local officials? Or are the authorities too confident in the outcome and can afford absolutely everything?

“The Kremlin understands that Russia has created a unique, unprecedented system in world history, let’s call it“ strange elections, ”says former State Duma deputy Viktor Alksnis

– That only “voting on stumps” is worth it.

And world experience shows that if the most important issues of concern to society are not resolved at polling stations, they are resolved at the barricades.

The authorities did not draw any conclusions from history – neither from the history of the collapse of the tsarist elites in 1917, nor from the history of the collapse of the Soviet elites. They are convinced that if you continue to tighten the screws, you can hold on to the situation indefinitely.

Yes, Putin likes to demonstrate to the whole world how he solves the problems of individuals and regions. At the same time, he perfectly understands that the country is going through a systemic crisis, but he expects that with this window dressing he will be able to instill confidence that everything is not so bad.

Alas, our power has lost its sense of self-preservation. She speaks in the style of “where will people go from the submarine?”

In 1917, too, few expected that a fight between a woman and the police in a bakery would lead in three days to the fall of the Russian empire. In our country, the situation can instantly change to the opposite.

So today we will again hear loud promises, calls to accelerate, talk about the need for a breakthrough, and boastful statements like what was done about the victory over the coronavirus.

“SP”: By the way, about the victory over the coronavirus. Will the president answer questions about this? After all, the failure is obvious here …

– It will, of course. He needs to justify himself. He will try to explain something, talk about the unforeseen complexity of the situation, say that we all need to concentrate again, to unite to solve the problem.

In fact, the situation with the coronavirus clearly shows that we are at an impasse.

– It seems to me that it would be most profitable for Putin to advocate softening the rules related to compulsory vaccination, without canceling it in principle, – believes Dmitry Galkin, political columnist for the 2000 newspaper

– For example, allow those who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus to stay in hotels and visit resorts. This will allow him to demonstrate that there is no reason for panic, and the authorities are in control of the situation.

In addition, such indulgences will be gratefully received by those who are going to spend their summer holidays in other regions. It is important for the president to reappear in the eyes of residents of large cities, with incomes above the average level, as the only politician who can protect them from the arbitrariness of officials.

Any admission that the measures taken by the authorities in the fight against coronavirus turned out to be ineffective could lead to a further drop in the popularity of the head of state. And any public reprimands to officials made during the “direct line”, in fact, will become such a confession.

“SP”: The straight line was not moved. Afraid that it would look like an attempt to evade responsibility?

– A new format was needed for the “straight line”. Earlier, citizens turned to the president, being surrounded by colleagues at work and fellow countrymen, speaking not only on their own behalf, but also as representatives of a community.

In the current situation, due to the exacerbation of contradictions between society and the government, it is impossible to ensure that people’s appeals in the previous format are completely loyal and at the same time look natural and reliable.

“SP”: – It should be understood that the population is now most of all concerned about the issues of restrictive measures. Is Putin ready to answer these questions?

– Of course, there will be such questions, and people will be able to learn from the president’s answers that restrictive measures are inevitable, although they should be introduced in a somewhat relaxed form. At the same time, the “direct line” scenario will most likely be composed in such a way that it becomes clear to viewers that the outbreak of infection is only one of the problems, albeit very dangerous, but quite solvable. The President will explain that the authorities are doing everything possible to eliminate threats to their life and health as soon as possible.

“SP”: – Will we hear something new and unexpected?

– Perhaps the president will come up with some initiatives related directly or indirectly to the settlement of the Donbas conflict. Some new social benefits and payments will almost certainly be announced. But the main task of the “direct lines” is to convince us that the country is developing successfully, and the president is well aware of the existing problems and knows how to overcome them.

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