Aug 20, 2022
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Putin is ready to lead the “anti-Western camp” at the G20 summit in Indonesia

Putin is ready to lead the

Photo: AP/TASS

President of Indonesia Joko Widodo said that the leaders of Russia and China Vladimir Putin as well as Xi Jinping plan to come to Bali to take part in the G20 summit, which will be held in November. This is the first confirmation that both politicians are going to attend the G20 meeting in person.

“Xi Jinping will come. President Putin also informed me that he would come,” Widodo said in an interview with Bloomberg. The Chinese Foreign Ministry did not respond to the publication’s request about the plans of Xi Jinping, who has not traveled abroad since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The Kremlin spokesman declined to comment, but another source, allegedly familiar with the situation, confirmed to the agency that the Russian president plans to come to the G20 meeting. Prior to that, his press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the format of Putin’s participation in the event is still being worked out, and Moscow will make a decision that is most in its interests.

There has been an active discussion around the possible participation of Vladimir Putin in the summit for some time now. The United States opposed it from the very beginning, and the President Joe Biden and even called for Russia to be excluded from the G20. In addition, Washington put pressure on Indonesia to rule out the presence of the Russian leader at the November summit.

If the visit takes place, it could be the first meeting between Vladimir Putin and Western leaders since the start of a special military operation in Ukraine (if, of course, they themselves decide to come to the summit). Prior to this, only the Austrian chancellor met with the Russian president. Carl Nehammer, who came to Moscow back in April. But it cannot be ruled out that instead of communication in one form or another, Western politicians will prefer various demarches, as was the case at the summit of G20 foreign ministers, which was also held in Bali in July.

Then Western ministers tried to boycott the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov — some of them did not show up for the welcome dinner party to avoid meeting their Russian colleague. The traditional photographing of ministers was also cancelled, again because the heads of Western departments refused to take part in it. Western leaders argued that Russia was isolated. At the same time, the Russian Ambassador to Indonesia Ludmila Vorobieva said that at the summit of foreign ministers of the G20 countries, which took place on July 7-8 in Bali, there was no talk of isolating the Russian Federation, and a line of heads of delegations of states not included in the G7 lined up to head Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that the feast of Vladimir Putin’s personal participation in the summit will increase the degree of such demarches.

In addition, the media are actively speculating that a personal meeting between Vladimir Putin and the President of Ukraine may take place on the sidelines of the summit. Vladimir Zelensky. Moreover, the adviser to the head of Zelensky’s office Mikhail Podolyak recently said that he could attend the Indonesian summit, to which he was officially invited, “if Vladimir Putin is present.” True, Zelensky did not express any particular desire to meet with the Russian leader later. And Dmitry Peskov ruled out the possibility of such a meeting, noting that there were no prerequisites for it.

State Duma deputy, political scientist Oleg Matveychev believes that Vladimir Putin’s participation in the G20 summit will be an important diplomatic step, but stresses that all possible risks must be taken into account.

“Of course, this is a very risky undertaking. Probably, our entire country is worried, first of all, for the life of the president, because everything can be expected from Ukrainians and Anglo-Saxons. Let me remind you that in our history several kings did not die a natural death, and historians talk about the involvement of the British in this.

This is the strange death of Ivan the Terrible, and the conspiracy that was being prepared in the house of the English ambassador against Emperor Paul I, and, perhaps, the death of Alexander I, and the strange death during the Crimean War of Nicholas I, and even the overthrow of Nicholas II and subsequent events – to everything this is the hand of the British. For example, the death of Paul I and Alexander I was ascertained by the same English doctor, who was a life physician and at the same time received the position of baronet from the English king.

Now in this tense historical situation, one must be very careful. I hope that all measures on the part of our special services will be taken.

“SP”: – Is it worth it then to go to Indonesia?

– Our president still serves Russia, and does not take care of himself personally. If the leaders of other states do not postpone their visit to Indonesia, it is very important for Russia to once again state its position, somewhere to confirm the existing agreements.

Still, the G20 includes most of the countries that are quite friendly towards Russia. It is necessary, relying on this front and this support, to give a diplomatic battle to those who represent the bloc in the G20 that is trying to erase Russia from history and the world economy. This diplomatic battle is very important, and Putin is the one who can fight this battle, he cannot leave other countries without a leader. There needs to be some kind of team-versus-team game. With Putin at the head, the team, which includes China, India, the same Indonesia, will win, declaring its position very clearly. And without Putin, they can be “torn apart” in different directions. Therefore, this is a very important event, we will pray that everything goes well.

SP: Is it possible for Vladimir Putin to meet with Vladimir Zelensky at the summit in some format?

— I don’t know how Ukraine even belongs to the G20. Maybe as the poorest country or the most politically unstable. It is not included in the G20 at all, so it is completely unclear what Zelensky should do at the summit.

As for any possible meetings, it was stated a long time ago that our president would not talk to a puppet, a six, a person who is absolutely dependent, because it is pointless. Vladimir Putin has already met with Zelensky once (in 2019, after the meeting in the Normandy format — editor’s note), and he confirmed his commitment to the Minsk agreements, and then he began to do the exact opposite and brought the situation to the current point.

Zelensky is not a president or a political leader. This is an ordinary puppet, not representing a sovereign state. He cannot even be responsible for what he himself will or will not do today, and even more so, his words spoken on the sidelines of some forum, even within the framework of a personal meeting with the President of the Russian Federation, will mean nothing. Therefore, there is no point in this meeting. The fate of Ukraine and Europe must be discussed with the Americans, with the Europeans, and they will negotiate with them. Zelensky, even if he wants to sign a complete and unconditional surrender tomorrow, he will not be allowed to do so. He’s not even responsible for it. Therefore, meeting with him in all respects is meaningless.

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