Sep 5, 2022
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“Putin is laughing at us at the top of his voice”: Europe began to see clearly

The head of EU diplomacy, Borrell, acknowledged the fatigue of European citizens from the sanctions against Russia and their concern about the coming winter. How not to recognize? I would like to quote Sasha Cherny: “They grunt on the accounts of miserable pennies: The purchase of an umbrella and firewood made a breach.” And further: “In the dining room, cockroaches, Leaving stale bread, thought a little, In the buffet, glasses rattle sympathetically, And dampness drips with tears from the ceiling.” Behind this sad lyrics lies a somewhat paradoxical thing: European democracy has begun to work for Russia.

The most striking manifestation of discontent happened in Prague, where 70,000 people came out to an anti-government rally. To understand the scale, you need to consider that 1.2 million people live in Prague, and 10.5 million in the entire Czech Republic.

70 thousand for Prague is as if a million citizens came out in Moscow (as many came out to the procession of the “Immortal Regiment”). The Czechs demanded that the authorities lift anti-Russian sanctions, conclude a contract with Russia for gas supplies, stop military support for Kyiv and provide assistance to Czech businesses.

In Germany, pro-Russian actions took place in a couple of cities. In the UK, the police are developing protocols for action in case of mass unrest. Gradually (the autumn wind blows the foolishness out of their heads, cools their heated foreheads) it gradually dawns on the broad masses of the European people that they are being used, without asking their desire, in the big Euro-Atlantic game. Citizens’ discontent is slowly spilling onto the streets. And democracy kicks in.

After all, if you do not succumb to the rabid anti-Western propaganda, you can see that the foundations of democracy in Europe have been preserved. Another conversation is that some European politicians, mostly those in power, simply cannot fulfill the demands of their people, since they have lost sovereignty and are dependent on overseas masters. The same Borrell – you see, he understands everything, but he cannot do anything. But the other part of the politicians begins to speak louder and louder.

In a TV interview, former French presidential candidate Segolene Royal questions Zelensky’s “facts” and methods: “Let’s take the very first example – the bombing of the Mariupol maternity hospital, when Zelensky was touring the parliaments of European countries, as a result of which the peace process was disrupted, he used this occasion, he said: “I met a pregnant woman who asked to avenge me.” He could not name the woman. The names of the victims are unknown. You can be sure that if there were even one victim, even one child in the blood, in our age of mobile phones, we would already have this evidence.

“Are you saying that Zelensky is spreading fake news?” – the leader is surprised. “This is well-known military propaganda, the Americans do not hide it, I think, in addition, it is also American propaganda,” Royal replies.

Here is Bundestag deputy Sarah Wagenknecht giving an interview to T-online (it came out with the headline “Putin is laughing at us at the top of his voice”): “I believe that demonstrations and protests against the policies of the federal government are urgently needed. Gas bills are exploding, as are the cost of fuel, electricity and food, and not only is the government doing nothing about it, it’s putting a gas surcharge on us. People must defend themselves against this social ignorance.”

More theses: “Now it is clear that economic sanctions mainly hurt Germany and Europe,” Gazprom is using its record profits to build gas pipelines to China. Oil exports to Asia have already increased. Russia does not need the West to buy its raw materials. But German industry is collapsing without cheap energy sources.

And who is the laughing third? The United States, whose hydraulic fracturing industry currently makes $200 million in profits per LPG tanker. We are destroying our industry and our middle class, this is crazy!”; “Which is a better deal with Turkey, Saudi Arabia or the US, which bombs and kills in other countries in violation of international law, without ever being sanctioned for these crimes?”; “Putin should be persuaded to agree to a reasonable compromise. But the West and Ukraine do not strive for this at all”; “The Russians have had their Black Sea Fleet in Crimea for decades and they will not give it up. Are you willing to sacrifice tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives for a completely unrealistic goal?”

Does all this sound like a beginning epiphany? Quite. It is possible that politicians oriented towards the demands of their people will even manage to come to power on the crest of the population’s discontent.

But in any case, you need to understand: it won’t be the same as before, no one, even with a change of power in Europe, with hugs to Russia – they say, whoever remembers the old will be out of the eye – will not rush. And this is good. Especially for our internal Russian life. However, that’s another story.

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