Apr 6, 2021
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Putin has clearly gained trump cards, there will be a war on the agenda of the message

Political scientist Sergei Markov suggested what the main topics of the message to the Federal Assembly of Russian President Vladimir Putin would be.

Director of the Institute for Political Studies, political scientist Sergei Markov named the main topics that President Vladimir Putin will touch upon in his annual message to the Federal Assembly, which is scheduled for April 21.

According to Markov, in his message the President will touch upon several topical issues for our country, including the foreign policy agenda.

Considering the fact that Putin has clearly gained trump cards in his dialogue with Biden, I think that this topic – the relationship between Russia and the United States and the hybrid war that America is waging against us – will also be on the agenda, ” the political scientist said.

The topic of the situation in Donbass and the issue of the elections to the State Duma scheduled for September will also be touched upon.

“It can be assumed that the message will to some extent be populist. There are elections ahead, and Putin, as you know, is the de facto leader of United Russia, Markov believes.

The President will pay attention to such social groups as state employees and pensioners, issues of benefits and social support, as well as improving the lives of citizens.

But it is important to understand that this support will indeed be provided – Putin is a man of his word, – the political scientist believes.

“Of course, one of the main blocks in our president’s speech will be the topic of a pandemic and the fight against coronavirus. Moreover, Putin has something to be proud of here. The Russian authorities are coping with the pandemic much better than the authorities of other countries, ”Markov said.

If we talk about some revolutionary statements in the upcoming speech of the president, then I would put on the topic of health care, – the political scientist believes.

Also, the expert does not exclude that Putin may touch upon topics that are not heard and will surprise everyone.

“This is partly a flaw in our political system, but we need to treat this with understanding – in the conditions of a hybrid war, the authorities are simply forced to be careful. Putin’s message is being prepared as a real special operation, ”sums up Sergei Markov.

Earlier, Putin himself reported that he began work on the text of the message in March 2021.

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