Sep 7, 2022
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Putin explained why he put Russia on its hind legs

“Sain bina uu, min gla ba, barev dzes, nihao and hello!” – With such a set of greetings, which is still unusual for our ears, the moderator of the Eastern Economic Forum, journalist Ilya Doronov, preceded Vladimir Putin’s keynote speech in Vladivostok. Is there something missing from this set? That’s right, and I’ll even say what. Good morning, guten tag, bonjour – all these previously familiar greetings in the main Western languages ​​​​are temporarily withdrawn from Russian political vocabulary due to their irrelevance.

And, of course, I am not talking about the oversight of the journalist Doronov (in fact, there is no oversight), but about the strategic choice of the Russian state. The entire speech of VVP in Vladivostok is one long goodbye to the West. And this “good bye” was said from the position of an absolutely self-confident leader who unambiguously considers himself a winner.

In order to consider yourself a winner in a fight, you must first complete the fight. Of course, Vladimir Putin does not consider the fight in Ukraine completed: “We have not started anything in terms of military operations, but we are only trying to finish. Hostilities began in 2014 after the coup d’état in Ukraine, those who did not want normal peaceful development… Russia made a decision after repeated attempts to resolve this issue peacefully, to respond in the same way, in a mirror image, as our potential adversary acted – by armed means.

But if in Ukraine everything is still “in process”, then in terms of tectonic shifts in the world order familiar to us, the main thing, from Putin’s point of view, has already happened. From the point of view of the President of the Russian Federation, the overall result of these tectonic shifts is also obvious: the West (with the possible exception of the United States) is in the red, Russia and the global East are in the black.

This is how the owner of the Kremlin sees the dynamics of the great global crisis of 2022.

Prerequisites for the crisis: “The catalyst for these processes was the elusive dominance of the United States of America in the global economy and politics, as well as the stubborn unwillingness or even inability of Western elites to see, recognize objective facts.”

What result did the West expect to achieve by declaring an economic boycott close to total to Moscow: “Back in the spring, many foreign corporations were racing to announce their withdrawal from Russia, believing that it was our country that would suffer from this more than others.”

What result did the West get on the fact: “The achieved level of industrial development in Europe, the quality of life of people, socio-economic stability – all this is thrown into the furnace of the sanctions furnace, is spent on orders from Washington in the name of the notorious “Euro-Atlantic unity”, and in fact is brought to sacrifice to keep the dictatorship of the United States in world affairs.”

The “Putin Doctrine”, which the President of the Russian Federation gradually and “piece by piece” unveils at various forums and events, is very simple to understand and perceive.

Russia in international affairs plays the role of a “kingmaker” (“kingmaker”), or the initiator of irreversible tectonic global shifts in world politics and economics.

Europe had a choice: to stop bullying the Russian bear and continue to “live as before” – or ignore Moscow’s numerous warnings.

Europe chose the second option – and, as the GDP stated with satisfaction, it received the full program: “The competitiveness of European enterprises is declining, because the EU authorities themselves are actually depriving them of affordable raw materials, energy resources and sales markets. And it is not surprising if, as a result, the niche of European business, both on the continent and in the global market, as a whole and as a result will be occupied by their American patrons – they, pursuing their interests, never limit themselves in anything and do not hesitate to achieve their goals.”

Why is this not the “decline of Europe”, about which the famous German publicist Oswald Spengler reported in his famous book in 1918 and 1922?

As follows from Putin’s words, the “decline of Europe” is not at all tantamount to the “decline of America.” However, as the President of the Russian Federation is convinced, this is also ahead of us. Moreover, the process of such a “decline of America” has already begun. True, not everyone has yet been able to assess its scale and potential consequences.

“In an attempt to resist the course of history, the countries of the West have undermined the key pillars of the world economic system, which has been built over the centuries. We have lost confidence in the dollar, euro and pound sterling as currencies in which we can make settlements, keep reserves, and nominate assets, and we are step by step moving away from the use of such unreliable, compromised currencies. By the way, even the allies of the United States are gradually reducing their dollar holdings, this can be seen from the statistics.”

Where does all this leave Russia? Putin is convinced that he is on the right side of history (forgive me for borrowing this completely worn and filthy cliché from Westerners): “I think, I’m sure that we have not lost anything and will not lose anything … Yes, of course, a certain polarization is taking place – both in the world and inside the country.

I believe that this will only benefit, because everything that is unnecessary, harmful, and everything that prevents us from moving forward will be rejected.

We will gain momentum, the pace of development, because modern development can only be based on sovereignty.”

On sovereignty – and also on the turn of Russia to the East. Of course, the country has been trying to make such a turnaround since 2014. But now there is absolutely nothing for Russia to catch in the West with its “sunset”.

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