May 16, 2020
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Putin demanded to get rid of “wheezing” and “clinging” in the construction documentation

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President Vladimir Putin at a meeting on the opening of medical centers of the Ministry of Defense in the regions demanded streamlining of construction documentation to prevent the delay construction of various facilities.

During the meeting, the President said that he had previously discussed the construction of a medical center with one of the governors, who informed him that it would take a year for the construction to be completed, and two more years for the construction, TASS reports.

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“I am beautiful I am aware of what is happening in this area, we have discussed it many times, all sorts of SNIPs, "wheezing" and quasi-participants of the process adhering to this type of activity - they need to be cleaned up in the end, we need to put things in order there, "the head of state urged.

“I ask the government to return to this as it should, to seriously consider all these issues and report on their proposals in the near future,” he added.

Putin cited the construction of medical centers of the Ministry of Defense as an example. He noted that in the Voronezh region it was planned to build an infectious diseases hospital in a few years, but the Ministry of Defense would complete work by the end of June.

“An example of how the Ministry of Defense worked is a wonderful example how you can organize work both in terms of time and quality, ”the president emphasized.

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During the meeting, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova asked Putin not to stop the construction of modular medical centers for patients with coronavirus in the Russian regions .

On Friday, the president said that the Ministry of Defense created 16 medical centers in two months, although this was not even believed. The President emphasized that the medical centers “were erected in an unprecedentedly short time and with good quality, in all honesty.”

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