Jun 6, 2022
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Putin delivered an ultimatum to the West, and Kadyrov to Zelensky

You can visualize what is happening in our world now using the example of a bus. At rush hour, he comes to a stop, the crowd tumbles into him. It’s empty in the middle, there’s a crush on the playgrounds, everyone swears, shoves, wants to pass. But here the driver braked sharply a couple of times at traffic lights, the car threw up on the bumps, and you see – everyone is evenly distributed throughout the cabin, it seems to be free, places give way to each other. Last week it was clear: in fact, we had just left the stop, the driver was still shouting “don’t crowd, come in!”, but this began to reach the passengers.

Very well manifested glimmers of sanity are seen in the example of Joe Biden. In just a few days, he moved from the idea “I will not pressure Ukraine in matters of territorial concessions” to the idea that Ukraine may have to give up territories to Russia in the event of a negotiated settlement. For such words, Biden can end up in the Peacemaker base. So, you stroke, and negotiations will be allowed to Ukraine, which, as Lavrov said last week, were banned: “The West does not allow Ukraine to negotiate. Ukraine seemed to put forward a proposal two months ago on how to resolve this issue. We have taken these proposals as a basis.

So a day later, the West forbade Ukrainians to continue this process.” However, on the issue of negotiations, Zelensky should listen not to the West, but to the East. Specifically, Kadyrov. The head of Chechnya promised a surprise to the Ukrainian military and turned to Zelensky: “I warn you for the last time! Raise your hands and go out to the square with the words: “Don’t shoot, dear, I surrender!” Otherwise, you’re in trouble.” He delivered an ultimatum from the very top, because he said this after a meeting with Shoigu. Of course, it is curious what kind of surprise, but Kadyrov did not reveal the cards, he only said: “One of these days you will see a real special operation, from which these devils will run away not only from cities, but also from Ukraine.”

Putin was more specific. He does not see the point in the supply of drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the West: “Why give them to Ukraine is not very clear to me. Well… unless you give us the opportunity to plant them somewhere and see how they are arranged, I just don’t see any other point.” As for the supply of long-range weapons, Vladimir Vladimirovich warned: “If they are supplied, we will draw appropriate conclusions from this and use our weapons, which we have enough to strike at those objects that we still we don’t apply.” Also, after all, an ultimatum: the West supplies weapons, Ukraine receives blows. The fact that Putin’s words are not empty at all is clearly seen in the example of grain prices. As soon as our president said this week that Russia was ready to ensure the unimpeded export of Ukrainian grain through the ports under its control, the price fell by about 10% – to the April level. There may also be a political benefit here – after such a statement, it is already much more difficult to blame Russia for the global food crisis. Even though they still get blamed.

In the West they know how to get out. Here is the sixth package of sanctions adopted this week. It looks menacing in terms of the embargo on Russian oil. But pipeline supplies (easily controlled) are not affected. And everyone has long learned to circumvent restrictions on tanker supplies (the schemes were worked out on the supply of sanctioned Iranian oil). It is even more difficult with gas – those who do not pay in rubles simply buy the same gas, but more expensive, from those who pay in rubles. Literally, to spite Russia, I will freeze my ears (CNN claims that, despite the refusal of several European countries from Russian gas, Moscow’s income from its sale has doubled). And how important gas is for Europe and how patient Russia is in this matter is evidenced by the ongoing transit of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine. For which Russia also pays the country in which it conducts a special military operation.

Ukrainian refugees, and the same Patrushev warned that Europe would have more to drink with them, are indeed beginning to cause more and more irritation in European countries. The Bulgarians are evicting them to the interior of the continent, but they do not want to move from the hotels from the coast. The Poles decided to stop paying allowances to Ukrainian refugees from July 1 in order to motivate them to work. “Grateful” Ukrainians, leaving the hut, pay the owners by smearing the walls with feces. Well, who would like that?

Peskov was asked this week (in connection with the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great) whether Putin was going to close the open window to Europe. Peskov replied that we were not going to close anything. What for? It used to be that they showed us the fig through this window, and now a fresh Russian wind blows through it to Europe, cools overheated heads, returns to reality.

Well, specifically in our country, within our borders, there are more and more signs that the country is on the mend. Here Vladimir Vladimirovich supported the idea to return the title of “Mother Heroine” – after all, a positive Soviet legacy. With a sane “capitalist” content – the mother-heroine will receive a million rubles at a time. Here is another attempt to return the Soviet legacy – in Russia they proposed to make secondary specialized education completely free. Most likely, the attempt is unsuccessful – the capitalists will gobble it up. But what is the trend? Still would make higher education free. But again, according to the Soviet system, without liberalism with endless retakes: I didn’t pass the exam three times – goodbye. And if it is also with the mandatory distribution after the university throughout the vast country … To study, in such a scenario, will be only those who really want to.

But then we will get real specialists, not bachelors with masters. Yes, here’s another one. Domestic aircraft are still being put into production. Compared to the Soviet period – a drop in the ocean. Until 2030 – 500 of its sides. (In the last year before the start of confusion and vacillation, in 1985, the USSR produced almost 900 aircraft.) And it turns out that the problem can be solved with “foreigners” – Russian companies were allowed to produce spare parts for foreign Airbus and Boeing aircraft that came into use by the Russian Federation. Yes, of course, this will take a long time. The empire is generally a long-term construction.

But after all, we really just drove off from the stop.

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