Sep 16, 2020
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Putin congratulated Japan’s new Prime Minister on his election

Yoshihide Suga
Yoshihide Suga

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a telegram to the new Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. In it, the head of state congratulated the politician on his election to a high position. This was announced on September 16 by representatives of the Kremlin press service.

In the telegram, Putin stressed that he confirms the readiness of the Russian Federation for constructive cooperation with Japan on issues of the current bilateral and international agenda.

This, undoubtedly, would meet the interests of the peoples of Russia and Japan, would contribute to the strengthening of stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region and in the world as a whole., - is given the text of the telegram on the Kremlin website.

Putin noted that much has been done recently to develop dialogue between states thanks to Sugi's predecessor, Shinzo Abe.

On September 16, the entire Japanese government resigned along with the former prime minister. Abe announced his intention to leave office at the end of August.

As previously wrote, the new Prime Minister Suga is not sophisticated in foreign policy - all his life he has been dealing with the internal problems of Japan. But in relations with Russia, he will have to tackle even more complex tasks than his predecessor.

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