Nov 25, 2021
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Putin announced the development of relations between Serbia and Russia even in the context of a pandemic

Relations between Moscow and Belgrade continue to develop even in the face of a pandemic, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic, which is taking place in Sochi, writes TASS.

Putin noted that by the end of this year, the countries will overcome the decline in trade turnover, as well as increase the volume of trade.

In turn, Aleksandar Vucic agreed with his colleague, saying that relations between Serbia and Russia are at the highest level in the entire history of cooperation, in particular in the military-technical sphere.

“I think we will have new agreements in different areas,” he said.

Also during the talks, Vladimir Putin promised to find an acceptable solution for Serbia on the gas price.

“In any case, we will find a solution that will certainly be acceptable to our Serbian friends,” the head of the Russian Federation added.

Vucic previously announced that he intends to discuss with the Russian leader gas prices for Serbia and an increase in supply volumes. The Serbian leader expressed hope that Moscow will show understanding on these issues.

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