Aug 11, 2020
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Putin announced registration of vaccine against COVID-19 a day before the expected date

During the government meeting, the head of state announced that the world's first vaccine against coronavirus, created by the N.N. N.F. Gamalei. One of his daughters has already been vaccinated, Putin said. At the same time, the results of clinical trials of the drug have not yet been published in scientific sources.

“As far as I know, a vaccine against a new coronavirus infection has been registered this morning, for the first time in the world,” RIA Novosti quotes Vladimir Putin. He asked the head of the Ministry of Health, Mikhail Murashko, to inform in more detail about the registration of the drug and added that one of his daughters had already been vaccinated.

“In this sense, she took part in the experiment. After the first vaccination, her temperature was 38, the next day - 37 with a little and that's it, ”- said Putin.

Last Friday, Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnev announced that the coronavirus vaccine would be registered on August 12. Thus, the drug was registered even earlier than the designated date. Presumably, healthcare workers and the elderly will be the first to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

The news that Russia intends to register a vaccine that has not passed the full cycle of clinical trials has greatly alarmed both the international and Russian medical community.

“I really hope that the Chinese and Russians will really test the vaccine before giving it to anyone,” said Anthony Fauci, a leading American infectious disease specialist.

At a briefing on August 4, WHO representative Christian Lindmeier said that the organization has no information that a vaccine registration is planned in Russia.

"Any vaccines must go through various tests and trials before they are licensed," Lindmeier said, and stressed that all member countries are required to follow WHO's guidelines for drug development.

“Other countries are following a perfectly logical drug development pathway in all three phases. And here they slapped the combined first and second with the participation of 76 people, and after that they decided to carry out a mass vaccination. On such a sample, it is impossible to obtain confirmation of the effectiveness of the drug. It's like a competition - cutting all corners, being the first to reach the finish line and claiming a reward. But the problem is that the health of the population is in the balance. It seems that we have no rules. If you really want, you can do anything, ”Svetlana Zavidova, Executive Director of the Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACOI), told MedPortal.

“Perhaps everything will be fine and the vaccine will be effective and safe. But at the mere thought that doctors will receive a drug that can cause immune pathologies, it becomes scary, ”Anastasia Vasilyeva, chairman of the medical trade union Alliance of Doctors, told MedPortal.

She stressed that the union will urge medical workers to refuse vaccination until scientific data on the effectiveness, and most importantly, the safety of the drug are published.

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