Sep 21, 2022
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Putin announced partial mobilization in Russia: it became clear who would strengthen the Russian army

Putin announced partial mobilization in Russia: it became clear who would strengthen the Russian army

Photo: Zamir Usmanov/Global Look Press

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization to protect Russia and Donbass. The corresponding decree has been signed. Mobilization activities will begin on 21 September.

Conscription for military service belongs to citizens who are in the reserve and, above all, those who served in the Armed Forces, have certain military specialties and relevant experience, the head of state explained.

Nevertheless, those called up for military service will definitely undergo additional military training before being sent to the units, the commander-in-chief added.

The government and the Ministry of Defense have been instructed to fully and as soon as possible determine the legal status of volunteers and fighters of the LPR and DPR. It should be the same as that of the regular military, including medical care and social guarantees.

Particular attention should be paid to their equipment equipment. The Cabinet of Ministers has already started resolving issues of material, resource and financial support for defense enterprises.

The reason Moscow raised the stakes was the West’s strategic desire to weaken and destroy our country. “They directly say that in 1991 they were able to split the USSR, and now the time has come for Russia itself,” Putin complained.

He noted that at the very beginning of the negotiation process in Turkey, representatives of Ukraine reacted positively to our proposals. But then the tone changed. It was unprofitable for Western countries to end hostilities. Ukraine began to be pumped up with weapons.

Mobilization details announced Sergei Shoigu. According to him, a total of 300,000 people will be called up, which is approximately 1% of the total mobilization potential. Those who have combat experience and the military registration specialty needed by the army will be called up from the reserve.

Conscripts will not be sent to the NMD zone. Also, we are not talking about the mobilization and recruitment of students. “Let them study calmly,” Shoigu admonished. He justified the mobilization by the need to close the Ukrainian front, 1,000 kilometers long.

In addition, Shoigu for the first time announced Russian losses during the NWO – almost 6 thousand people. Among the wounded, 90% returned to duty after treatment. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to him, lost 61 thousand dead. Therefore, the fourth wave of mobilization is being carried out in Ukraine.

Military expert Vladimir Prokhvatilov draws attention to the need to provide the mobilized with modern weapons.

– It makes sense to call on the army experienced specialists in military equipment, reserve officers, everyone who is well trained and has combat experience. But most importantly, it is necessary to organize the supply of the army with new types of weapons and equipment, since there is a lot of information that things are not going very well with this. Unfortunately, the fighters note that there are not enough bulletproof vests, normal small arms, the same drones that are now actively used to aim artillery.

Literally tomorrow I am meeting with guys from Donbass who make drones for the army, but they cannot get through to those responsible from the Ministry of Defense. I’ll try to bring them together. I would like the Ministry of Defense to support such people in order to establish mass production of various types of UAVs – exactly those that are needed by the warring units. In a good way, all this should be done by the army.

“SP”: – Apparently, it was not in vain that Putin met with representatives of the military-industrial complex yesterday …

– Of course. I think that in addition to what we heard, Putin said something to them on the sidelines. I believe that since the 1990s, a bunch of army and defense generals needs to be modernized, to create new military equipment.

“SP”: – There are many in the country who graduated from the military department of the university, but in fact did not serve in the army. There is an officer rank, but they don’t know how to wind footcloths …

— Such people having called, it is necessary to train. But this takes time. NATO trained Ukrainians for at least eight years, and in fact longer. The worst thing that can happen is if different people are picked up, thrown to fight and they die. This cannot be allowed. Because further in the human potential a black hole will form and there will be no one to mobilize. I am glad that they did not mobilize ordinary conscripts.

Head of the Center for the Study of Public Applied Problems of National Security, retired colonel Alexander Zhilin fears campaigning during mobilization.

The President essentially said that the situation on the front line is difficult. Why? We have already talked about this more than once – a coalition of almost 50 countries has been built against Russia, they are fighting together, and we are fighting at the expense of our budget. Therefore, the forces on both sides are incomparable.

But the number of personnel on the battlefield is not everything. Much depends on the supply of weapons, equipment of the army. And the West has good weapons, and their deliveries to Ukraine are in full swing.

“SP”: – Nevertheless, the die is cast – partial mobilization has been announced …

“You have to understand that mobilization is a very complex process. It is necessary to calculate how to feed the mobilized, where to place them, how to heat the tents – winter is on the nose, and finally, how many toilets to put. And this requires the solution of a number of issues not by the Ministry of Defense, but by the government.

Another important circumstance is that forty-year-old servicemen (although they can be drafted up to 60 years old) have served in the army for a long time. They need to be prepared for modern warfare. And this takes time. Where to get it? He is not. Time trouble in Ukraine. Otherwise, the President would not have made such a decision.

The main thing is that mobilization does not turn into campaigning – quickly, quickly, feed the night, slaughter by morning. The boys will be allowed to shoot a couple of times and sent to the NWO zone. This cannot be allowed. Otherwise, the losses will be unjustified. It is necessary to involve the military prosecutor’s office, the Prosecutor General’s Office in order to stop this.

Now we are reaping the fruits of army reform, especially with Serdyukovo. After all, the country’s mobilization readiness is the main component of the state’s national security. The active army is called upon to contain the enemy until the end of mobilization and the approach of reserves.

But I expect that this mobilization is still more of an emotional component of the confrontation, so that it would be possible to somehow “squeeze” the situation in the auction with the West.

About how the mobilization in Russia was perceived in the Donbass “SP” told military commander of the WarGonzo project Dmitry Seleznev.

– Let me remind you that in the DPR and LPR, with the beginning of the SVO, the majority of men were mobilized. Even the musicians of the Lugansk and Donetsk Philharmonics went to the front. For example, the only musician who played the oboe went to serve. They even had their own division. I communicated with them. And they fought very successfully. During the liberation of Mariupol, nine-story buildings were stormed.

“SP”: – Now the Russians will help them …

– CBO is reaching a new level, the stakes are rising. Now we should talk not only about the direct mobilization of servicemen. I hope the society will be mobilized together with them. You can’t go on living like nothing happened. The whole country, one way or another, must take part in what is happening. The challenges to the country are serious. The very existence of Russia is under threat.

A certain hybridity of hostilities disappears. There are no more misunderstandings. It is clear who the enemy is. It is clear that we are fighting for our people who live on our land. I have no doubt that both Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, as well as Donbass, will be accepted into Russia.

Frankly speaking, many of the newly announced steps should have been taken earlier. I think that the mobilization and referendums were announced largely after the losses in the Kharkiv region. It is necessary to make it clear to the people who live in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions that Russia will not leave again.

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