Nov 26, 2021
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Putin and Vucic reach agreement on gas price

Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic have agreed on the gas price. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the words of the head of the republic.

Vucic noted that Serbia will receive gas for the next six months at $ 270 per thousand cubic meters. He added that this is a very good price, and Putin has shown exceptional friendliness to the republic.

It is noted that on such terms, the Russian Federation supplies gas to Serbia under the current contract. The agreement expires at the end of the year.

At the moment, Russia is supplying natural gas to the republic through a pipeline through Ukraine and Hungary and through the Turkish Stream.

Vucic previously announced that he intends to discuss gas prices for Serbia and an increase in supply volumes with Putin. The Serbian leader argued that the President of the Russian Federation could show understanding on these issues.

Earlier it was reported that Aleksandr Vucic again invited Vladimir Putin to take part in the opening and consecration ceremony of the Church of St. Sava in Belgrade.

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