Nov 4, 2021
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Putin and Lukashenko signed a decree of the Union State

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko signed an integration decree of the Union State. Reported by RIA Novosti.

“I see that Putin signed, and I will sign,” Lukashenka said at an online meeting of the Supreme State Council of the SG.

The decree approves all 28 union programs approved in September, as well as key areas for the implementation of the provisions of the Treaty on the creation of the SG for 2021-2023.

According to Putin, a list of documents on deepening cooperation is to be adopted at a meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State. These include initiatives related to the military and economic fields.

It is noted that the presidents approved the military doctrine and adopted the concept of migration policy. According to Lukashenko, the countries plan to strengthen the regional grouping of troops, which already serves as a reliable shield.

Union State programs include the integration of monetary systems, general principles for levying indirect taxes, mutual access to government procurement, government orders, and the fight against terrorism. In doing so, countries will create a unified macroeconomic policy, integrate payment systems and harmonize monetary policy. In addition, Russia and Belarus will create joint gas and oil markets, as well as implement other joint initiatives.

Lukashenko noted that Minsk and Moscow are starting to reboot the joint economic space. He added that life does not stand still and drew attention to the need to further move forward along the path of “union building”. It, according to the head of the republic, provides protection of the interests of the two countries in the global space.

In addition, the Russian president continued, the Russian Federation and Belarus are linked by centuries-old fraternal friendship, moral values, history, and often family kinship. Putin stressed that the peoples of states have always helped each other in difficult times, and also defended freedom and independence, resisting external enemies.

“I have said more than once and today I want to repeat once again that for Russia Belarus is not just a good neighbor and closest ally … it is a truly fraternal republic, a fraternal people,” the Russian leader said.

Earlier it was reported that Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State are going to approve the union programs, the updated Military Doctrine and the Concept of Migration Policy.

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