Jan 13, 2022
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Putin and Lavrov “banned” in America

Putin and Lavrov

Photo: Egor Aleev / TASS

United States presidential administration Joe Biden supported new anti-Russian measures that could affect the Russian leader personally Vladimir Putin, The Washington Post reported, citing a spokesman for the National Security Council and documents that came into its possession. The Senate later published the sanctions bill on its website.

Among the proposed measures are a ban on entry into the United States and the freezing of American assets of the president, prime minister, foreign minister and defense minister of Russia, as well as commanders of various types of troops and other persons whom the White House considers involved in “aggression against Ukraine.”

In addition, within 30 days of Russia’s alleged invasion of Ukraine, the US president will be required to impose sanctions on at least three major Russian banks. It is also proposed to impose sanctions against Russian external debt and against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

In addition, within six months the Ministry of Finance, the State Department and intelligence will have to publish a detailed report on the property of Vladimir Putin, his relatives and close businessmen. They may also be subject to sanctions.
Finally, the US will have to increase military aid to Ukraine.

“In my opinion, today there is a bargaining between the world centers of power about who should restore Ukraine after an eight-year devastation carried out under the auspices of liberal reforms,” says Deputy of the Odessa Regional Council of the VI convocation Oleksiy Albu.

“Washington and Brussels would be happy to shift these costs onto the shoulders of Moscow and are doing everything to provoke Russia into military actions. Notice how intensely they are preparing the public opinion that Russia is going to attack Ukraine. Behind this, there may be an attempt at an armed provocation in the Donbas by right-wing radical gangs and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will not be able to leave Moscow indifferent to what is happening. Therefore, I would consider these American initiatives as part of a big game of shifting responsibility for the ruin of Ukraine, which was carried out by mediocre American henchmen and thieves of all stripes for the past eight years. I will express my personal opinion: if Russia decides to put an end to this black period in the history of Ukraine, I personally, like millions of ordinary Ukrainians, will be immensely happy.

“SP”: – Sanctions against “SP-2”, public debt etc. they have been frightening for a long time, but have not yet decided. Does that mean they won’t? Is it just a threat, a sword of Damocles whose meaning is only that it hangs? After all, the threat loses its meaning in the event of implementation …

— Despite the ranting of liberals about the so-called “free market”, economic sanctions are an integral part of international politics, with the help of which economically strong players try to force weaker ones to take certain political steps. But we must approach any issue dialectically and understand that social processes do not stand still and what was relevant ten years ago may simply not work today. Russia is not the same as it was after the collapse of the USSR. reforms Yeltsin and his associates, our society was dealt a powerful blow, however, this terrible period in our history is left behind. Thus, the sanctions that scare our society, although they will have a negative impact on the economy, will not lead to the consequences that their initiators expect.

“SP”: – Among the proposed measures – a ban on the entry into the United States of the President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Minister of Defense of Russia, as well as commanders of various types of troops and other persons whom the White House considers involved in “aggression against Ukraine.” Where it leads?

– Most likely, this will lead to the transfer of international sites located on the territory of the United States to more neutral states, possibly even to Southeast Asia. Otherwise, their work may be paralyzed, in which our Western partners are clearly not interested.

“SP”: – Within 30 days after the invasion, the US president will be required to impose sanctions against at least three of the largest Russian banks. What, for example? And why wasn’t it introduced sooner? By the way, why in 30 days? In 30 days, Russian tanks will reach Gibraltar already …

– It is difficult for me to judge the logic that guided the American clerks when compiling this document. Perhaps this is due to the technical decision-making procedure and the implementation of sanctions measures. I do not agree with you on the issue of our tanks moving towards Gibraltar, it is more like hatred and bravado, and they never led to anything good. You should never underestimate the enemy, especially since the public mood in European society is significantly different from those shown on Channel One. In Europe, millions of people have a positive view of Russia and a negative view of institutions such as NATO and even the EU. It would be more correct to rely on these people in foreign policy. As for the sanctions against the three largest banks, there are many ways to circumvent such restrictions, as well as pluses: these banks will finally start working in Crimea and Donbas.

“SP”: – In addition, within six months, the Ministry of Finance, the State Department and intelligence will have to publish a detailed report on the property of Vladimir Putin, his relatives and close businessmen. They may also be subject to sanctions. Again, are there any red lines here? The British all threatened to impose sanctions against Abramovich, so what? Are there those in the Russian elite who will not be touched under any circumstances? In your opinion, do sanctions still work as a tool to prevent certain steps by Russia? Is the fact that Moscow has not recognized the DPR and LPR so far, in spite of everything, the result of the sanctions policy? So, is there anything to be afraid of?

– Let’s start with the fact that the Western intelligence services do not have all the information and will not be able to fully realize their plan. As for the legal consequences, information about the life of the first person of the state is secret and such steps will be regarded as a violation of Russian law. On the other hand, such personal sanctions will not lead to tangible economic consequences. They are rather reputable. But I can’t even imagine what will be able to drop the reputation of the first person if the operation to free millions of people from Nazi gangs and thieves in power is successful. I think they just won’t reach their goal.

As for the recognition of the LPR and DPR, the point is not at all in the sanctions, but in the obligations assumed in February 2015 in Minsk. And since for seven years one of the parties to the agreements has not fulfilled its obligations, Russia also has every legal and moral reason to abandon its own.

According to member of the political council of the party “The Other Russia” E.V. Limonov” * Andrey Miliuk, talking about another super-sanctions is like talking about a military clash between Russia and NATO: unlikely today, but who can guarantee tomorrow?

– First of all, the initiative of the American senators should be considered as part of the final Russia-NATO negotiations. A sort of summing up: the parties did not agree on anything, fixed the contradictions and prepared for the final break. Russia will not acquire more subjectivity, but in the minds of the country’s leadership, the place of the United States as the “Promised Land”, which we should be equal to, will gradually be occupied by China.

Exactly what is happening in America itself was feared a couple of years ago, but who dares to normalize relations with Russia in the year of parliamentary elections? The influence of US domestic policy on international relations is often underestimated, and in vain. There are still problematic presidential elections ahead, for which preparations are already beginning to take place. The world will not become a more peaceful place in the coming years.

Over time, part of the sanctions may be implemented. Not to induce Russia to take any action, but to inflict damage on the enemy. If I were Sberbank, I would have already started selling my cozy European divisions, for the sake of saving which offices in the Crimea were never opened.

It can be assumed that these sanctions are a reserve for the next conflict, this time over Europe. The European Union wants to maintain at least some economic relations with Russia and China, to show its subjectivity at least here. Even if it is not possible to launch Nord Stream 2 at full capacity, it will be possible to knock out some concessions from the United States. Russia and the European Union will continue to trade with each other. Our oligarchs will still feel comfortable in Europe, just as carelessly spending the money withdrawn from Russia there. No one will press “Putin’s wallets”, although journalistic investigations in this regard will certainly come out. Yes, just in case.

Too much attention is paid to the European conflicts between Russia and NATO. 2014 has passed and will not return. The point of contradictions is now somewhere on the periphery of the civilized world. Unfortunately, a long lull awaits us in Ukraine. The evil anti-Russian state will continue to kill the inhabitants of Donbass, and it seems that this suits both high contracting parties quite well.

“SP”: – Former British Ambassador to Russia Anthony Brenton believes that the introduction of new sanctions does not deter, but makes Russia “even more stubborn.” Here in Moscow they say that the sanctions rally the Russians around the authorities, in addition, they contribute to import substitution etc. So listen – some pluses come out. Maybe we need more of the most destructive sanctions already in order to finish off the faith of our elites in the West, so that they have nothing to lose?

– Containment of Russia is yesterday, now it is only about causing damage. Therefore, they will hit the economy: according to the sources of foreign exchange and those industries where it was not possible to establish at least some kind of import substitution. And everything will be all right with the elite – they will continue to ride to Europe and the USA. They already have children and grandchildren raised in the West, they will always have something to lose. Nothing can be done about this elite, it is easier to expel them from the country.

* The organization is not registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia.

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