Oct 14, 2021
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Putin allowed oil prices to rise to $ 100 per barrel

Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that oil prices could rise to $ 100 per barrel, RIA Novosti writes.

“Quite possibly,” Putin said in response to a relevant question at a session of the Russian Energy Week.

The head of state added that Russia does not seek to restrict oil production so that the price “rises to the skies.” According to Putin, all actions on the energy market should be “smooth and balanced.” Putin also said that he did not discuss oil prices with his American counterpart Joe Biden, but contacts are maintained at the administration level.

The head of state said that energy reserves in Russia are unlimited. “If you look globally, then Russia’s reserves are unlimited, planetary. And we are increasing supplies to Europe even in today’s difficult conditions for us, ”Putin said, assessing the situation with oil and gas.

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