Jan 26, 2021
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Putin admitted that he could work in the field of winemaking in the future

Russian President Vladimir Putin jokingly did not rule out that after the end of his presidential career he could go to work as a legal adviser in the field of winemaking. TASS reports.

He spoke about this during an online meeting with university students.

Putin, in a conversation with students, denied the information that appeared earlier on the Internet about the palace in Gelendzhik allegedly belonging to him. He clarified that he had not watched the film in which this was discussed, but had familiarized himself with the video selections that the assistants brought him.

According to the head of state, he paid special attention to the episode related to winemaking. He stressed that he was interested in winemaking not as a business, but as an activity. The Russian leader called this activity noble and added that his “good friend with his partner is engaged in a small business.”

After that, Putin said that he would also like to do this. “I have an advisor, Boris Titov, who is the owner of Abrau-Dyurso. Maybe when I’m done [на посту президента], I will go to work as an advisor to him, but not as a businessman, but as a specialist in the field of law, ”the head of the Russian Federation suggested.

Earlier, Putin said that citizens have the right to express their opinion, but only within the framework of the law, thus he commented on the protests that took place in Russia on January 23.

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