Sep 11, 2021
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Putin about the Pskov paratroopers at the Nevsky memorial: "Nothing can break the bond of generations"

Putin noted the images of the Pskov paratroopers in the Nevsky monument. “Nothing can break the sacred link of times and generations,” the head of state stressed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that the images of soldiers of the 6th company of the Pskov Airborne Division, who died heroically in an unequal battle with superior forces of terrorists near Argun in 2000, were also immortalized in the memorial “Alexander Nevsky with a retinue”. The head of state mentioned this in his speech at the opening of the memorial built on the shores of Lake Peipsi in the Pskov region.

The fact is that history, unfortunately, did not preserve the portrait images of the soldiers of the squad of Alexander Nevsky, with whom he won his brilliant victory over the knights of the Teutonic Order on Lake Peipsi. Therefore, the creator of the memorial, sculptor Vitaly Shanov, used images of young soldiers of the 6th company of the Pskov Airborne Division, who also performed a feat in the name of their country.

Here we also see the faces of the paratroopers of the legendary 6th company, who have shown massive heroism in our time. It is symbolic that their regiment is named after Alexander Nevsky. And today the soldiers of this regiment are here on the guard of honor,

– Vladimir Putin noted this moment.

The President of Russia pointed out that nothing can break the sacred link of times and generations. After that, he thanked the sculptor for the excellent work done.

Recall that during the Second Chechen War, the soldiers of the 6th company of the Pskov Airborne Division entered the battle near Argun on the Ulus-Kert-Selmentauzen line with a significantly superior force of Chechen fighters. The Russian paratroopers were opposed by 2,500 militants. After a fierce battle, out of 90 Russian fighters, only six survived. The militants who attacked them suffered losses of 400-500 people. The feat of the paratroopers was marked with state awards. Most of them were appropriated posthumously.

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