Sep 10, 2021
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Pushkov told Italy how to get rich at the expense of jellyfish from Ukraine

Ukraine decided to present Russia with a bill for the invasion of jellyfish. In response, Pushkov hinted to Italy how to get rich at the expense of Kiev.

In Ukraine, Russia was accused of disrupting the holiday season due to the invasion of jellyfish and demanded compensation. Senator Alexei Pushkov indicated who should pay for jellyfish and to whom.

Governor of Zaporozhye Alexander Starukh made a demand to Russia. He claims that the invasion of jellyfish was provoked by the Crimean bridge. In response, Alexei Pushkov pointed out that, according to experts, global warming is to blame for the invasion of jellyfish, and not Russia’s activities. And Italy has much more problems with jellyfish than Ukraine, and without any bridge.

Why don’t the Italians charge Kiev for this, arguing that Ukraine has so poisoned the situation in the Black Sea that all the jellyfish rushed to Italy?

– wrote the senator in his Telegram channel.

Recall that experts really associate the invasion of jellyfish with temperature extremes and heavy rainfall. Both that, and another was observed this summer in the Crimea.

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