Jan 8, 2021
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Pushkov reacted to the riots in Washington

The head of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy, Alexei Pushkov, reacted to the riots in Washington by supporters of the incumbent President of the United States Donald Trump.

He expressed the opinion that the incident is the “legacy” of the US Democratic Party. According to Pushkov, since the beginning of Trump’s presidency, the Democrats have not stopped a “hysterical campaign” to “squeeze” him out of the White House.

In addition, the senator said that later representatives of the Democratic Party supported the racial protests in the United States to prevent Trump’s re-election, and also achieved a “victory” in the elections, which “half of Americans did not believe.”

“The Democrats have done everything in their power to radicalize the United States. And the capture of the Capitol is also their legacy, more precisely, the legacy of their political war against Trump, “Pushkov wrote on Telegram.

On Wednesday, supporters of the current head of the United States, Donald Trump, staged riots near the building of the American Congress in Washington. They broke into the Capitol and interrupted the meeting that was supposed to confirm the victory of Democrat Joe Biden. Later, the police and special forces cleared the building from the protesters.

Four people were killed in the riots, and over 50 protesters were detained. On the eve it became known that more than 50 law enforcement officers were injured during the riots.

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