Jan 28, 2021
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Pushkov reacted to Stoltenberg’s words about Russia’s “aggression”

The head of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy, Alexei Pushkov, commented on the statement by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about the “aggressive actions” of the Russian side.

“It is time for Stoltenberg to realize that his ‘rule-based world’ developed in three or four Western capitals is coming to an end,” the senator wrote.

He stressed that these rules are based not on international law, but on the “law of the“ former strongman ”. Pushkov explained that there are “very few” people willing to follow them.

Earlier, Stoltenberg called on the members of the NATO Military Committee to support the defense potential of the alliance member states, including in connection with the policy of the Russian Federation. According to him, the allies need to “increase defense spending, invest in modern capabilities and ensure the readiness” of the NATO military to respond to “aggressive actions” by Russia, as well as terrorism and risks associated with the PRC.

Recall that in December last year, the NATO Secretary General said that he did not see an immediate threat to the alliance from the Russian Federation.

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