Oct 23, 2021
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Pushkov noted the naivety of Stoltenberg’s words about Ukraine’s entry into NATO


Pushkov noted the naivety of Stoltenberg's words about Ukraine's entry into NATO
Press service of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation

Pushkov in the personal channel of the Telegram messenger emphasized that the whole world was watching the NATO Air Force airstrikes in Belgrade. The senator also wondered which NATO member state was defending the Alliance from Serbian residents.

A member of the Federation Council noted that in the spring of 2011, the Alliance’s “defensive” bloc began bombing Libya. Pushkov asked who was being defended by the NATO Air Force at that moment. According to the senator, because of this, Russia does not need to tell “fairy tales” about the “defensive” nature of the Alliance.

He also stressed that NATO is a military-political organization, which militarily came close to the Russian border. According to Pushkov, the members of the Alliance themselves should be afraid of Ukraine’s entry into NATO.

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