Jan 11, 2022
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Pushkov noted problems with logic in NATO statements about Putin

Senator Alexei Pushkov criticized the statement of Bundestag deputy Michael Roth about “bloc thinking” by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, the German politician Michael Roth accused the Russian leader of “bloc thinking” and expressed regret that “Russia does not see a serious player in Europe” in the international arena. The parliamentarian also called on the EU to join the talks between Washington and Moscow on security issues.

“Do Western politicians who condemn ‘bloc thinking’ and ‘spheres of influence’ realize that they themselves are representatives of the vast American sphere of influence?” – wrote the Russian senator in his Telegram channel. He added that many European states “belong to the most militarized bloc on the planet” and recalled the conflicts in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, in which the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance actively participated.

The words of Western politicians about NATO’s non-bloc thinking are refuted by these examples, as well as by the huge military spending, Pushkov stressed. He also pointed out that the central components of the alliance’s policy are the gratuitous right to expansion and the desire to ensure US supremacy in the world.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation told about the expectations from the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council. According to the Deputy Minister of the Ministry Alexander Grushko, Russia expects a constructive dialogue, a serious and deep conversation on fundamental security problems in Europe.

The meeting of the Russia-NATO Council will take place in Brussels on January 12. The talks will be held at the headquarters of the North Atlantic Alliance and will last about three hours. The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that the level of military representatives of the alliance during the negotiations will be an indicator of readiness for dialogue with Moscow.

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