Sep 17, 2020
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Pushkov commented on the US warning over Belarus

The head of the Federation Council Committee on Information Policy Alexei Pushkov considers the State Department's threats to deteriorate relations with the Russian Federation, if Moscow intervenes in the situation in Belarus, an attempt to exert pressure.

Pushkov commented on the US warning over Belarus

So he commented on the statement of the representative of the State Department, George Kent, that in the event of Russia's intervention in the situation in Belarus, relations with the United States could become worse.

According to Vzglyad, the senator suggested that it could be a ban on operations with the state debt of the Russian Federation and disconnection from the SWIFT payment system, which is necessary for trade transactions in dollars.

Pushkov emphasized that the United States views Belarus as an object of a geopolitical battle with Russia, and the statement itself is pressure on Moscow.

In his opinion, America is sending Russia a warning shot about the presence of sanctions reserves.

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